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blindly throwing a further £10 at Boba Fett

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it is quite a magnetic, sort of instinctive thing, so it is to be sure. i seem to be caught in a quite peculiar loop, look you see, that sees me spend a sum equal to £10 in coins of money every single time i see a bit of Boba Fett off of Star Wars merchandising. sometimes it is less, rarely is it more, but in all cases it just seems to happen.

whilst i was at a point at which i believed that i had just about everything i could want which featured Boba Fett off of Star Wars, all of a sudden the figure for that whole Disney Infinity computer game became available to buy.

for those that don't know, Infinity is one of a number of computer game things which allows you to play as different characters, so long as you have purchased the different characters. you place the play action figures on some sort of electrified tray that comes with the game, and then they magically appear on the game.

it's quite a smart thing, although i suspect it is not quite as infinite as the name Infinity suggests it is, for there is a limit on how much fun the games all give you. still, with Disney taking ownership of all things Star Wars, it was only a matter of time before they threw a version of it out for Infinity. that was last year, October or November i think.

it has, however, only been now that we, the people who do not own a Sony PS4, could get permission to throw coins of money at Disney for the right to play as Boba Fett. Sony had Boba Fett locked in as an exclusive character for their system for a few months, which once again shows just what Sony thinks of consumers.

yes, that is the Boba Fett sat next to my vinyl pop figure of Boba Fett; another example of £10 being thrown at the character. i really am on auto pilot when it comes to him; if i see something i buy it and generally worry about the wisdom of the investment at a later stage. if ever.

earlier on i suggested that i questioned whether or not Infinity was indeed as infinite as Disney would like you to believe. it isn't, really, as highlighted below in what happened when i tried to play the one Star Wars game we have for the system with Boba Fett. Twilight Of The Republic or something, i think.

yep, although i have paid for the character and thus surely the right to play with him, i cannot as i have not unlocked the character in the game. cheers for that. this strikes me as somewhat unfair, but i am sure that the boys will eventually finish the game and unlock it, or whatever, so that i may play a game as Boba Fett.

that you can one day play as Boba Fett is at least a movement by Disney in an intelligent direction. one of the other games and characters for Infinity features an act of complete stupidity. whereas you can buy the character figure of Nick Fury, you cannot play with him in the game of The Avengers. this makes little sense as he is a prominent part of it in the Disney films. what makes it worse is that you can play with the character in the Spider Man game, despite the fact that few outside of comic book fans would link the two.

still, i could run around as Boba Fett in "toy box mode", which i did, and which i think you can sort of see in this next picture, which might well appear upside down due to blogger and apple having fisticuffs about rotation once more.

also, some splendid video for you of Boba Fett running around in toy box mode, taken of course in the glorious format of Camcorder mode.

functionality  of Boba Fett in the game, albeit this "toy box" mode? not bad. you can fire missiles, and you have that smart laser blasting rifle of his. no flame thrower, though, and the jet pack just lets you do a sort of nancy boy like skip rather than allow you to fly around a bit.

in appearance Boba Fett as a statue or action figure or game piece looks reasonably accurate, but there is of course something important missing.

yep, so far as i can see, the Infinity play piece misses out - as do most other toys and action figures of Boba Fett - the wookie scalp. it was always taken as a given that the wookie scalp showed what an awesome badass Boba Fett is, as in order to get it he would have had to be the victor in close quarters combat with one of the fearsome beasts.

ultimately Star Wars, despite the limb chopping, incest and occasional decapitation, is supposed to be family entertainment, so i guess you could understand why something like scalping is removed as a suggestion. but still, it was a pretty nice touch on the character.

for now we've just got the one Star Wars play set. there are, i think, a couple of others available - one related to that new film, and one that covers the "classic" trilogy. i would expect we shall get them at some stage, perhaps they will allow me to play with my smart Boba Fett in a non-toy box capacity.

actually, perhaps they will allow the boys to play. i will be very honest, all the fun i could have has now been had with half an hour or so making Boba Fett run around and blast missiles. i just don't really have the patience for these games.

still, Boba Fett looks quite smart with all the other Infinity characters we now have. 

other than exploring merchandising options at £10 a pop, are Disney, the owners of Boba Fett, likely to do anything with the character? i think so, and a theory i have is that he will be back in Star Wars films within the next year.

Christmas 2016, or December 2016 for those that don't do Christmas, is when Rogue One hits the cinemas. it was originally called a Star Wars Anthology film, but apparently "anthology" was somewhat complicated, so they've changed it to a Star Wars Story for the marketing. not that there has been much marketing.

anyway, Rogue One is the story of how some spies stole the plans for the Death Star off of the first Star Wars film, enabling that nancy boy and his mates to blow up the Death Star in the first film. whilst very little is known of what exactly, other than the obvious, will happen in the film, most fans would agree that it would make sense for Darth Vader to be in it. why wouldn't you throw Boba Fett in there too?

it would make sense to. in Empire Strikes Back it is clear that Darth Vader and Boba Fett know each other, and that was made well before them prequel films which the fanboys love so dearly ever suggested a previous meeting. it would be quite smart if Boba Fett was one of the ones hired by the Empire to either stop the theft or to track down and eliminate, presumably via disintegration, those who had stolen.

Disney have done a surprisingly excellent job of keeping much of the content of Rogue One quiet. i believe there is a trailer for the film due in May, presumably the 4th, which will be smart. and all of this has somewhat distracted away from Boba Fett on the Infinity game, but i had pretty much said all that i could on that subject anyway.

i would not have thought much of a conclusion was required here, but yes, if you have version 3.0 of Infinity and you quite like Boba Fett then it is pretty much the case that it's worth throwing £10 at the play figure of him for the game, now that Sony have allowed other people to be able to buy it.

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