Wednesday, April 06, 2016

instruments of darkness

hi there

yeah, this is pretty much one of them "'i've not written something for a couple of days, best i do something lest fragments of the world rejoice on the presumption of my passing" posts, look you see, to be sure. you are most welcome to read anyway, for such is the nature of the freedom of the internet and my tacit bow to it by posting, but if you move along you probably won't miss too much.

today i acquired some items which you might well be inclined or otherwise of a mind to refer to as instruments. i have for some reason gotten it into my head that you would quite like to see some of these not only in my smart "man bag", but also with my "man bag" strategically placed in the boot of my car.

yes, quite. just what exactly are these items or instruments which i have bought? well, we can have a somewhat clearer, or if you like lighter, look at them now. in the mean time, though, one of those visual reminders i put on my blog from time to time so that i can recall the details of a book i would quite like to read.

visual reminders that are, let it be known, a complete waste of time. i mean, i don't even proof read my blog posts for mistakes, let alone go back and read anything i did for fun or whatever. i am sure somewhere on this blog i left a reminder to myself about something called Winter Of Frankie Machine or something, but i've not gotten to find it yet.

what interested me about this one is that it's quite proudly listed as a 1978 novel which has for some reason been republished. why? no idea. a 38th celebratory anniversary is quite a rare thing, but maybe they do it for novels and i just have not noticed it.

anyway, whatever this book is it does sound interesting. Waterstones have it at quite a satisfactory pricing in terms of it being part of a buy one, get one half price deal, but this would require me looking in the store for another novel that i wanted. i shall see if time permits this during the week during lunch at verk.

a look at the instruments outside of the darkness of the previous image? certainly, although i am not sure you should get all excited, for they are merely humble garden utensils off of Pound Land.

they are endorsed by a lady called Charlie Dimmock, who i am vaguely aware of due to references to her in the Viz. i believe she was famous in England whilst i was exiled from England, something to do with a gardening show. which would make it make sense that she is endorsing Pound Land gardening implements.

in regards of my time in exile, friends in South Africa may be amused to learn that if i had taken these instruments out of their packaging before i got them home it is likely i would have been arrested. yes, seriously. i am slowly getting used to being back to the way things are here, but apparently slower than i thought.

to explain, if you are interested, as part of the quiet, normal life i lived in Johannesburg, one pretty much got used to the fact that people walked around with firearms, as in guns, and "traditional" weapons such as spears, machetes and the like. here, this is not so much the case. if the police detain you and you have a bladed item which has a blade longer than a few inches - i think 4, could be less - then you had best have a very good explanation for it, lest you will get your collar felt.

why have i purchased so many bladed instruments which are ostensibly designed for garden purposes? mindful of the last or if you like previous paragraph, i would prefer not to comment. here, let me distract you with some branding. 

no, i did not purchase any of the items you can see here in this picture. this is strange, as they are indeed in Pound Land, and Pound Land making something available for sale is normally enough to secure my purchase.

what's all this then? predominantly it is items branded in the name of the Batman vs Superman movie, as a means of exploiting the name for commercial purposes, but as you can see some items of a similar nature related to Space Wars 7 : Mission To Moscow are present.

certain toys, and other products, tend to make sense in terms of such branding for commercial exploitation. as they lend themselves to a marketing opportunity. in the case of how Pound Land has gone about it, not so much, i would have to say.

one of the items you can see here is indeed, as you are not being fooled, a plastic recorder - a rudimentary if not basic musical instrument - which has been styled as a Batman v Superman one purely by sticking the logo of the film onto it. i cannot recall, to be honest, any moment in the film itself where a recorder was either visible or relevant to the film. the same can pretty much be said of the Batman vs Superman branded springs they would appear to be selling, and as point of fact the same is applicable to the "mini skateboards" they are offering patrons.

did i purchase any of these Batman vs Superman products? no. none of them look like they are any good at all, and not one of the items suggest that they would provide any enjoyment or amusement for a period of time longer than it has taken you to read this sentence. sorry, Pound Land, i do enjoy giving you money, but i am not buying springs, recorders or mini skateboards.

right, let me get off and not do anything at all untoward with the pretty tasting looking garden instruments that i got off of Pound Land today.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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