Monday, April 25, 2016

bag bite

hi there

it is, look you see, the last throes of April this very week, and it is f*****g snowing outside right now. most peculiar, most unusual and most unexpected, although you probably worked that out from the rather crass language from me just there.

at this stage of the calendar which we have all come to love and accept we to the north of the equator should be basking in heat, whilst those south of it should be ready for the cold. as far as i can ascertain, it is cold on both sides of the wretched line. who knows, perhaps the new ice age is upon us.

anyway, a new bag for your viewing pleasure.

yes, that is indeed a return to the traditional values of an image in Commodore 64 mode; a format which i love and which has been somewhat sadly absent from here for the last week or so.

what is the bag? well, as i'd like to think you can see, it featured Christopher Lee in arguably his most famous role, which was Dracula out of Dracula in the Hammer Horror movies. this is an official bag featuring an image of that; an image you can see clearer in the next image.

why do i have a bag featuring Dracula, or if you like Christopher Lee? i do not. this bag belongs to my (considerably) better half. it is a net result purchase what i made after doing a bit of business with a continental based gent called Falco. no, not that one, him that sang, as he is dead. and no, most decidedly not that one either; the crap footballer who cannot even spell his name Falco properly, he has an extra a or something in it. a third, alive and somewhat better than at least one of them Falco, then.

it is styled or named as a "record bag", which leads me to believe that one is supposed to use this bag to transport one's records around in. i suspect it will not be used for this purpose, and anyway in the last few posts i have spoken often enough of records.

that's the smart tag on the bag, declaring it official merchandise off of Hammer Films. as if, of course, someone would think to make a bootleg and not think to make a bootleg official tag too. but the provenance of this seems to be quite legit.

provenance and purchase price? off of a seller or store on that eBay thing, and the cost was just ever so slightly south of £8 in real terms coins of money. which, frankly, feels like a bargain. if you so wished to do such a thing, you can click here and see search results for the term 'Dracula Bag' and get one yourself if you like, but you may have to pay more than what i did, sorry.

the quality of this bag is superb. it's some sort of form or variant of leather, i think my (considerably) better half said, but it's all smart and shiny so it would not be leather what came off of a cow. the strap is smart and sturdy, and the bag certainly looks like it could handle all sorts of variations of twelve inches.

what will my (considerably) better half use the bag for if not the transportation of records? it will be used like a quasi-handbag, i suppose, with all sorts of bits of stuffs in it. the bag features two of them "inner pocket" things, one which i believe has a zip, so it's a quite handy and convenient designed thing.

from a marketing perspective this bag is a bit of a "double win", really. i mean, if you happen to like Dracula then you'd like this whether you needed a bag or not. if you needed a bag of some sort, although perhaps with a view to moving records around would be better, then you would look most smart with this one.

more as and when it happens, dear reader, and not a moment before then.

cheers, Falco, if you are reading dude, and i trust you are as happy as what my (considerably) better half is as a consequence of this mystery deal.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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