Friday, April 29, 2016

and yet more snow still


well, there we go. we are now even closer to May than we were in my last post on this subject, which makes the presence of snow all the more just plain wrong, look you see.

on the one side i could not imagine that posts like this are of all that much interest to anyone, but then again i do have a number of family and friends around the world who have not had all that much exposure to or experience of the stuff. i can only trust that i somehow give them a sense of what it's like, beyond of course the fact that it makes all rather cold.

we had hoped that the snow we experienced earlier in the week was it, but not to be. as we had breakfast this morning, and indeed as i drove around, we had yet more still fall.

if you are wondering just how it is that snow came to be on the inside of my car, that's because for the most part i drive with the window down. yes, when it is cold and raining or what have you. why? partially for smoking purposes, mostly to allow the people who i pass by hear the quality vibes i have on the go. also, if you don't drive around with at least one window down i can only assume that you've not ended up being in a car which has come to be in an unspecified body of water quite as many times as i have.

video of the snow? surely, and if you can make out any music on the soundtrack over the sound of my outrageously tuned engine that's probably a bit of U2.

fortune at least smiled on us today in that the conditions were not of such that enabled or facilitated the snow to lay in a way which it would stay there. it's all too wet and what have you, and with no bed of frost or ice it has nothing to form on or something like that.

indeed that is a yellow and blue bicycle you can see in the video, one of several dotted around the region in celebration of the Tour de Yorkshire. that started today. hope the cyclists have done fine; i am not sure i would fancy twatting about on a bike in this weather wearing only spandex or lycra or something.

still, it means that the days have not been starting with all the merry, bright and gay ways of the sun rays that one would usually associate with this time which should be spring.

the stretch of road you see before me there above is pretty much the bane of my morning travel. it represents the start of about a mile long stretch which features some 7 or 8 sets of traffic lights. also, there's a petrol station to the left which people insist on crossing from the other side of the road to either enter and exit. this would not be so bad if it were Jozi, but here people tend to obey traffic laws and stop at red lights, and also politely stop to let other cars out.

it has been over two years now since i have seen a firearm being waved about as part of a discussion on road etiquette, or as a means of establishing who was in the right in terms of a debate over appropriate driving behaviour. also. i've only seen one crash in that same time. better, yes, and an argument for the benefits of obeying traffic laws, but sometimes it does feel rather boring compared to what i am used to.

a bit more video? sure, why not.

i am ever hopeful, dear reader, that this shall be the last post on this blog about snow until at least november or december. it would be nice - splendid indeed - if warmer weather could now be with us.

let me see if i can do anything interesting over the weekend to share here. doubtful, i know, but i can but try.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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