Tuesday, July 01, 2014

whatsapp clean up

hi there

ah. erm, yes. it has occurred to me that with this title in place some of you might have landed here off of google, bing or, you loveable oldschool types, even yahoo. i had best, then, add some helpful hints about that WhatsApp thingie, which also explains why this post is even here.

i was wrestling with my blueberry phone somewhat, with the device being most insistent that the memory was being all used up. i cleared out all i could, right, but inexplicably it still reckoned that it was using 1.8GB of data. when i ran an analysis thing it said it was using it on "other".

this "other", i found, was a massive hidden file called "thumbnail" or something, with the .dat file extension. it seems those people who made the blackberry (or whatever) phone decided that having a secret feature that makes a massive file of thumbnails of everything you have ever had or looked at on your phone. go figure; there was i assuming that only Apple did things of twatdom like this.

anyway, the file is now deleted, and the phone is working as intended. sort of.

a consequence of my efforts to clean it would be that i have cleaned up all the pics off of my WhatsApp thing. pictures that the people, so to speak, have been so kind as to send me. if for some reason you are interested, here are selected highlight.

first off, here's one (of many) off of Spiros. here's one of a heavily refreshed gent of the road, chilling a bit by some closed down shops. 

this chap is very much living the Spiros dream. what is, you ask, the Spiros dream? he lives with the purpose of one day being able to wake up, discover he has had an accident in his pants, stagger around, drink large quantities of cheap alcohol, wander around and have arguments with himself in the street, have another accident in his unchanged pants, fall asleep and then repeat the whole exercise once more.

it is, i am sure you will agree, an amazing dream. it is one that i partially share, and one that i hope he gets to live one of these days. in the mean time, he uses this chap as a sort of conduit for the expression of his dream; giving the chap as much alcohol as he can consume in the hope that he will, as if by magic, turn around and be dead good at cutting hair cheap and without a two week waiting time.

it is not only the Spiros that sends me pictures off of that WhatsApp thing. oh no, far from it. Richard, as you are aware, sends me images from time to time.

most recently he forwarded a picture of himself posing with a fine, electrical chainsaw. this time he went, to an extent, one better. sadly he does not feature, but here, have a look.

yes. that's a traditional petrol chainsaw, and it is in Commodore 64 mode. that's two of the greatest things in history combined, that is - chainsaws and Commodore 64. nice work Richard, many thanks mate.

to lower the tone somewhat, although also in many respects lift it, let us return briefly to the dream of Spiros. here is a newspaper article he sent me, i believe it was in March.

it is an interesting article, i suppose. i think there was a recent incident where a chap was caught doing some of the business mentioned here in a branch of one of Britain's leading High Street banks, as opposed to those several, following, side street ones.

does Spiros know more than the press reports of these incidents? who knows. i am not prepared to comment, or indeed judge.

a dream that is not a dream for Spiros but is for me is public transport. he hates it, and if it were not for the rather ambivalent approach passengers and authorities have towards on relieving themselves, in all sorts of ways, on public transport then he simply would not use it at all.

i like sitting on a bus, or a train as and when they run, and doing a spot of reading. Spiros likes to get angry with the world, and very angry with the people who have indirectly insulted him by boarding public transport at the same time he proposed to use it.

one of the people in this picture, according to Spiros, is a twat or a tool, or something like that. he was not specific, to a degree perhaps it is fair to say he was non-committal, as to which one of them upset him the most, but if forced to speculate i would dare suggest it was the chap wandering around in a tour t-shirt. note how he wears brown shoes with blue jeans, but does not quite show off the ace style of a cowboy look that i perfected over time in 2013. perhaps it is that lack of cowboy look that has upset Spiros so much.

it, however, probably more relates to the irrational, yet perfectly understandable, hatred, disdain and contempt with which he views the band known as The Eagles. he sees the band as little more than a "poor man's Proclaimers", and it is not like he is all that keen on The Proclaimers, or Scottish music in general.

back over to the world of Richard, and a return to the formidable, exciting and interesting world of Commodore 64 mode picture. here is a packet of Nik Naks in this superior format.

i am delighted to see that someone else is using Commodore 64 mode on one of them iTwat things. that one can take images in this format kind of validates the existence of Apple, making their whole products not all entirely rubbish.

why did Richard send me an image of Nik Naks? no idea. i have no particular fondness for the things at all, what with me not really being partial to cheese based snacks. except pizza. and nachos.

i think these are only available with a degree of exclusivity in South Africa. do i miss them at all? no, not really. why not? well, if you refer to my earlier comments, you will probably work out why not. i would imagine that if i felt an urgent or pressing need for some sort of cheese based snack, perhaps with origins in maize, i could find something to serve as a suitable substitute here. as things stand, though, it is highly unlikely that the circumstance will happen that i wish to look for or pursue such a thing.

for those wondering, no, no progress on the unusual pod of i repair thing i am presently pursuing. i mean, i went past the mender shop today, but in a literal sense. i walked directly past it to visit another store.

more of the dreams of Spiros, for those that want more.

of the many things that make Spiros happy, few equal the joy he has of a big black sausage in his mouth, or eating out of date meat, or living a gluten free life.

happy days for Spiros, then.

yes. of all the amazing things that he could take pictures of, this is what he takes pictures of and promptly sends on to me to have a look at and, presumably, post here.

he sent the back of the box, or if you like packet, too.

anyway, that's that for pictures of interest off of my WhatsApp thing. these are pretty much as interesting as they get, so do be thankful for the ones i got and did not upload here.

if any of these have been of interest, well, nice one.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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