Friday, July 11, 2014


hi there

well, first off, now that i think about it,

sorry about the recent lack of scrolling text

i have just not had reason or cause to do any of late, and had pretty much forgotten all about this sensational and dazzling art. i will be sure to almost do all that i can to remember to use it as frequently as required in the future, unless i go really bonkers and go and beautify older posts with it.

i appreciate that of my family unit i represent, in many respects, the least interesting and not at all bothered about 25% that anyone out there wishes to see and hear of. this, however, does not stop, surely, an interest in that rather smart and dapper shirt i showed off in a recent post.

here i am, then, wearing it as i am out and about doing my thing. as comfortable to wear as it is class in appearance, if you are interested. as, indeed, are the new strides, not pictured here but i assure you worn today and still worn very much right now as i type this, lest you have any odd or weird images in your mind about any rituals i may conduct when updating this blog.

what was on the walkman thing? well, i have been listening to Futurology by that Welsh band, the name of which escapes me for the moment, all week, but this shirt, i felt, warranted the more appropriate and established of soundtrack. Jump Into The Fire by Harry Nilsson it was, then, and oh yes indeed i did play it at the correct volume.

now then, in respect of the 75% of my family that people actually like, i am sorry there has not been all that much of an update on the most important 50%. i appreciate that friends, family and people off of verk past, from both my side of life and that of my (considerably) better half often wander by here in the hope of seeing the boys and are no doubt dismayed just to find my nonsense.

here you go then, here they are, sat near a place of beauty that will be familiar to one or two of you.

this was earlier this evening, or if you like this afternoon, after cricket. the boys had a jolly good run around, with James showing off his skills with the bat and the ball, and William hardly doing all that much damage to anything or anyone. a "win" of a session, then.

and why would we not have a video of them greeting you here?

my apologies to anyone using that class Apple software, Safari i think it is called, that blocks and bans you from playing any videos back, as far as i am aware.

speaking of safari things, i watched this last night. well, 56mins or so of it, give and take.

strangely, and i appreciate this may well strike you as one of them zut alors! types of obscenity, it turned out (so far) not to be as bad as i suspected. well, the dinosaur effects are complete and utter spaz, to be honest, but strangely for two or three minutes here and there the acting is not completely dire and awful. Michael Gross, Marty McFly's Dad out of Spin City or whatever it was, is really rather good in it. the rest, sure, are bloody awful. oddly, it was the time that him out of Family Ties seemed to depart the film that i decided to stop watching. well, that and the f****** headache created by the dinosaur changing colour.

but, as you would expect, a full review of that one later on.

that will do for now, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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