Thursday, July 17, 2014

the £1 pouch

hi there

yeah, the point of this post is pretty much all there in the title, so if you feel obliged, if not obligated, to just move right on and skip this, no worries mate.

earlier today i was in a shop, more of a land, really, the name of which escapes me, but sells all items for or to a value of  £1. i am unsure of what i was intent on buying, but out of interest let us just say it was a can of pop or something like that. whatever it was, i didn't get, but i did get this.

no, not the letter from the House of Commons. that arrived today, making it two in two weeks, i believe they wish very much for me to pay attention to some matter or other. no, what i draw your attention to is the camera pouch, or as they insist camera bag, sat upon the mentioned letter.

i had no need for a camera pouch, bag or any other accessory as such, but the dimensions and general appearance of the item looked like it might suit another, rather more pressing requirement that i had.

it looked pretty much like it would do what i wanted, and the price of £1 looked about right, indeed fair dinkum, for a bit of a punt or gamble. £1 is what Spiros says it costs to get some sort of service, or "personal attention" i think he calls it, at the restroom facility near where he is off of a bloke that apparently lives there.

yes indeed, more iTwattery for you. hurrah, as you can see, for the gamble i made seems to have been all "win", really. well, except that the pod of i is a touch loose within it, so i will have to put one of them "skin" cases on the actual device, i believe.

that's exactly the kind of device to carry it in that i have been looking for, but we shall get to that in a touch more detail in a short while. in the mean time, something of a diversion.

yes, this is one of those special moments of ill-advised, or perhaps ill-thought out placements. maybe it would rather be better to say not thought out at all, really. that's more likely, as those of you all too familiar with how well run South African Airways is will nod and say yes to with some enthusiasm.

the incident on the front of the newspaper related to "turbulence" and thus was not the fault of SAA, but i would like to think that actively putting a pile of newspapers with that headline on it on display at one of their departure gates was very much their idea.

or was whatever happened on their flight indeed from circumstances that they had no control over? i have been informed, by more than one source, that the "turbulence" story on planes is the go to story for aeroplanes when "due to unforeseen circumstances" is likely to just cause a panic.

i have no means and no knowledge to know any different, but on the basis of what people have told me, turbulence is an ever present on flights, and really has little or no affect more than a car going over a speed bump. as the world at large, however, has some idea that it's this mega, wild "the gods are angry with us" type of bashing wind thing, the easiest thing in the world to do when something goes wonky with a plane is to just tell everyone in it that "there's some turbulence" in a nice, calm voice whilst the pilot and that do their best mending job. if that's true, makes sense, as why would you wish to panic a whole plane load of people?

thanks, by the way, to whoever did that picture, and indeed to whoever i pinched it off of.

anyhow, pouch. i have been looking on line for a suitable container or holder for the pod of i, but none met my satisfaction, as they lacked the one feature i wanted. this £1 thing has it on it, proudly.

yes, a belt strap, or loop, or whatever you would want to call it. that's what i wanted, none of this "clip" nonsense that seems to be so trendy, popular and about the only thing you can get for the ipod in either an official or otherwise named and style sense.

one doesn't like to be too judgemental of such things, but i have been suspicious of belt clips ever since Spiros developed an unhealthy interest in having belt clips on everything. i am just not at all sure i want to send out the same signals to the gentry as he does. i mean, it was bad enough when he was doing that hankie thing.

anyhow, happy days. and yes the repaired pod is still working just fine.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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