Monday, July 14, 2014

release day stuff

hello there

well, this post is pretty much all about praise at the altar of commercialism, so if such things offend or are of little interest, thanks for checking in and i will catch you at the next post i do.

i was, as some of you may recall from a post a day or so ago, wrestling with the fact that the day today was another day of release thing. this time it was for the new Morrissey album, which i think is called World Peace Is None of Your Business. i love Morrissey, very much so, but i have oddly not been all that excited about this release. i was not sure as to whether i would purchase it or not, but then i remembered that my mate Shaun would absolutely knack us if i didn't, so i decided to get it.

as has been the case with earlier day of release things, i took a stroll past the HMV in the morning to have a gander at the promotional material put up for the album. i found this instead.

oh dear. HMV did not think that doing any advertising or promotion for the Morrissey album was worthwhile. was this some sort of sign or omen? did this mean that it was not, in fact, released today?

still the sale stuff didn't look all that stale. that Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey album, for a start, looked tempting. for an album that is all of 30 minutes long, £5 is about right and probably the price it should have been released at. 

anyway, Morrissey would have to wait, it seems, as there was no signs of opening at 8:30am today.

my travels took me past Mr iTwat menders to see how much progress had been made in mending the iTwat thing, the one that i have no particular reason nor need to have fixed, but could not bring myself to throw out or something.

as it turns out, the thing was not fixed as such as of yet. hey ho, it has only been two weeks, and the estimate was a week. as i am in no rush this is no particular issue for me as such, but full credit to the staff for being very apologetic about it all. i would imagine, indeed presume, that they get a lot more demanding and expecting clients than i in regards of having vibes machines being returned in an unknacked state, which to an extent one can understand, but in another sense it's like, well, don't break your machine then.

anyhow, lunch time span around, and after eating i took a stroll along back to HMV and discovered that the Morrissey album was not so much released this week as it was "trending" this week. well, most happy day, then, as i was there for it on "day of trend".

indeed, there are two versions there; the regular version and the "special edition". the special edition at HMV was priced at £12.99, somewhat less than the  £14.99 it was available for online. quite a nice bit of balance, there, then, as some of you may recall HMV flogged the special edition of the new Manics album for £1 more than one could get it offline. 

yeah, i bought the special edition, just to ensure that i did not get super-knacked off my mate Shaun. 

to divert somewhat, i raised something of a level of interest in the child of the condiment phoenix in respect of some new strides i bought recently. i could not recall the name of them to any sort of satisfaction, and for the most part i could not be bothered to have a look.

circumstances allowed it today, for the were on the line of dry, to have a look and take a picture, so this is what i did. as you can see, and perhaps do not need me to tell you about, they are something called Hamnett Gold strides. which is close to being something of a tribute to the name out of one of them that are in that band Metallica, except it isn't, as i am sure his name is Hammett. or something like that. perhaps i can take a biro or something to them, make it look like they are a tribute to that chap out of Metallica. or maybe just leave them be.

anyway, back to Morrissey. here's the CD, or the box at the least.

what's the cover about? Moz holding a pen up in the face of a dog. it might be something to do with the rather outlandish abuse he got for saying that the Chinese were "sub-human" because of the, in his view, despicable and disgusting way they treated animals. i don't know for certain; if you are all that bothered i suppose you would need to get in touch with him and ask.

considering i was doubtful over the release, what is the album like, then? i have no idea at all really. i suspect i shall shove it on the mini mp3 player thing i have, and have a listen on the bus tomorrow. which means no reading, but hey ho, i finished the excellent James Herbert novel i was busy with today anyway.

i do, however, know all about this album, and i know that it is good.

yeah, i didn't spot the Wilko and Daltrey album in the shop, but i did see this 3CD version of Definitely Maybe for £9.99, and said thank you very much. 

it's very trendy and indeed expected, of course, for one to say that this debut album by Oasis was their best, but let us be honest - the second, (What's The Story) Morning Glory? was the blockbuster that made them massive. i love this album, but let us not pretend it was all exactly downhill after this one. 

they have changed by bus of choice schedule from next week, by the way. it seems it runs ten minutes earlier in the morning and then ten minutes later on an afternoon. annoying, but if it were the other way around it would be more problematic.

as for this 3CD set, well, CD1 is the album which i have, CD2 seems to be all b-sides that i think i have across the singles, and CD3 is some extras i am unfamiliar with. worth £10? probably. the album is apparently all "fancy remaster", and the other discs are splendid looking; will see if they are splendid sounding eventually. 

also hanging on the line of washing earlier today, before the drizzle kicked in as such. yes, it was hanging upside down, and i could not be bothered to "flip" the picture, for that would be dishonest.

that is indeed a most smart image of the Hendrix of Jimi there, ladies and gents. i quite like this one, and bought it in a sale for a reasonable price, as in it was less than £. result.

result, perhaps, but not one without consequence. just now my Mum & Dad will see this one and point out that they had t-shirts that looked a bit like this, right, and wore them when they went to see Jimi, The Who, The Stones and other bands like that. nice one. i suppose i could wear this to a McBusted or One Direction concert, but i suspect it would just scare and confuse those in the audience with me. as i would get scared and confused by the music i suppose it could be classed as a fair trade off. 

back of the CD boxes? back of the CD boxes. and a glimpse at the sort of thing that "the kids" are missing out on with their download digit things. 

other than the cellophane, look at them class security tag things. you don't get them on downloads, just that digital rights management thing that some kid in Korean did the software for so that you can remove it. not the same as having it de-activated by a class electro-magnetic machine.

yeah, i will give these discs a listen over the next couple of days, i would imagine. i believe i will start with the Morrissey one, since i am somewhat familiar with most of the Oasis set. i shall try and mention it if either are any good, but i suspect neither will upset me all that much.

anyway, here is a picture of a tiger. not an actual tiger, but a tiger. William got it for catching them ducks at the weekend. quite smart it is, and he loves it. he calls it the Tigger that is not Tigger.

presently i am trying to work out which iTwat accessory would look less dick-like on me, if i go right ahead and try to milk some use from this iTwat that i have insisted on getting mended. i am thinking something that one attaches to their belt, really.

my research at the moment, however, suggests that it is all them silicone ones that you thread through a belt. i am hesitant in this respect, as they look like they might tear. i am almost certain, however, that this is a better idea than one of them "jogger" armband things, which screams total dick. i do that with my general appearance itself, thanks, and have no need for an iTwat accessory to accentuate it.

anyway, that will do for now. let me have a gander at getting Moz on the mp3 player thing that i am presently using and see how that all goes.

thanks, as ever, for reading.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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