Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mad Max Fury Road trailer screens

hi there

well, this does what it says on the box, so anything i write will be mostly irrelevant; you wish to see the pictures. if any of you do read my comments then that's nice.

here we go then. man, do we really have to wait a year for this?

if this is locked, loaded and ready to release, then Warner Bros are being insane holding on to next year to release. there are no major blockbusters of consequence this year. next year sees all sorts of Jurassic Park, Terminator, Star Wars and Avengers stuff. please don't let a film looking this awesome get neglected amongst all those huge titles.

and it does look awesome.

yeah, that's the V8 that got blown up in Mad Max 2, presumably. no continuity? so? neither of the other sequels really made all that much sense in respect of continuity, when you think about it. that's the deal. "do you want more Mad Max? yes? then shut up and enjoy".

besides, looks like it gets all knacked again quickly anyway.

it looks like there's a stack of mega, ace, class car action. and yes, this is coming from someone with no interest at all in cars, or car films. but it is Mad Max, you lot. every second is to be embraced and loved, look you see.

the thing that strikes me about this trailer is that they have the beautiful colours down to perfection, such an undervalued element of Mad Max 2.

oh, here's the shaven headed Charlize. she got quite stroppy about needing to shave her head for this part. no idea why, she looks awesome and is now part of an awesome film series. a haircut is not exactly a big price to pay for that kind of immortality.

* SPOILER ALERT * in one of the scenes in the trailer / "comic con footage" there's a captured Max tied down having something written / tattooed on his back. here's a look.

looks like it is some sort of medical state of Max being put on him? a nice touch that it says "Road Warrior" at the bottom, there.

i think i read some sort of plot about the two mighty warrior tribes being split amongst the healthy and those of an unhealthy state, but who cares? it has Mad Max in it, and mental warriors of the wasteland smashing trucks and cars into each other.

there is, apparently, no surprise return for Mel Gibson in this, but one or two of the cast from the original films crop up. here's hoping the Feral Kid, now presumably the Tame Middle Aged Man, is one of them. a confirmed one is Toe Cutter out of the original film, although in a different role.

this, going on those eyes and that scowl, is unmistakably him.

if you are noticing a distinct lack of Mad Max in these images, that would be because there's a distinct lack of him in the trailer. should we be worried about this? i very much doubt it. this whole footage / trailer thing basically gives you the entire film, they have to hold something back.

as for what the whole entire film is, it looks pretty much like they have gone right ahead and simply updated, modified and remade Mad Max 2. and why not, for it was brilliant, and really that's all anyone wanted.

references to the other films - in particular Mad Max 2 - seem to be the order of the day, right down to this lady, who has more than a passing resemblance to one of the more prominent members of the clan defending the oil refinery.

i suppose we've waited 30 (!) years for a new Mad Max film, another year is not so bad. but it is now that we have been teased with this, and news that the finished film is complete and ready to show.

oh look, we have been good, so at the end they give us a fairly clear shot of Tom Hardy as Mad Max.

what do i say of this casting? wow, really. just pure genius. he is unmistakably Mad Max, but he is also clearly not a homage or pastiche to Mel Gibson. a unique look that is, yet, also familiar. spot on, perfect, brilliant, outstanding work, great vision to cast him.

chances of this film being bad or awful? none, really. i have every confidence that Warner will have clocked that the source material is not this PG-13 business, and everything in the trailer says they have once again embraced the raw, brutal, magisterial violence and mayhem that made the first three so fondly treasured.

i trust and hope you are as excited as i am.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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