Monday, June 30, 2014

exciting situations

hi there

well, as promised, i shall do all that i can to update you on the adventure my pod of i that is in perfect hibernation is going to embark on. i would say we are now at phase 1, but that depends entirely on where one starts, i suppose.

was phase 1 getting the iPod off of my Dad when he got another? was it when it packed up? or was it when i decided to ship it regardless of it not working, tempting the Somali pirates with it, it being all shiny and all? perhaps phase 1 proper, then, was when i pulled it out of storage, so it can embark on its great, fantastic journey of possible use in England.

this is the best picture i could get of the place where it has commenced phase whatever to be repaired. it might look like that it is called Trade Nation, but it is not. sorry, people were doing that English thing of looking at me with comtempt and disdain. well, they do that anyway, but it increases somewhat when i try and take random pictures. 

it was all very exciting, really, handing it in. the dude who helped me was in fact not a dude, but a lady. she sort of looked at the pod of i and expressed the view that she had not seen such a model as the one i had before, and was unsure if it could even be mended or have a bit of a fiddle done to it. she consulted some books, and the answer was in fact that it could. it seems, however, that it is sat on the threshold of models that can currently be mended, so this is very much it for the device. the estimate for repairs, at this stage, is £35. 

a perspective on that price? sure. you can get a second hand model the same as mine that is off for repairs for around £40 or so. you can also get a shiny small Nano, with a touch screen and that, for around £45, assuming you are fine with whatever "grade c quality" is. also, i have no use at all for this iPod, except maybe to put it in the dock, then use the touch one as i wander around. maybe even get one of them armband things for it, you know - go the whole distance and look like a full on twat with it.

pointless, perhaps, it is to get this fixed, look you see. but it is not. my Dad gave it to me, after all. also it must be 9 or 10 years old, which is some 3 times longer than Apple like their equipment to work for, encouraging you to buy more. so i like prolonging the life of their product.

they reckon repairs take a week or so, so do bear with me on the update front. when you know it will be, look you see, because i know and have remembered to write something here.

another exciting situation for you, since i went all plural in the title. it's not particularly exciting to me, but some readers based in New Zealand may like it.

yes, indeed, this picture was taken within the pizzazz and glamour of the bus station. the focus you have should very much indeed be all on, as far as you wish, the bus that is sort of central.

yes. it features an advert for the film of Mrs Brown's Boys, or if you like, and the advertisers certainly do, Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie. it is not something that particularly interests or excites me, although James saw an advert for it on television and said that it looks really rather funny. i suspect, then, that he might have developed, or be developing, a sense of humour not a million miles away from his Grandad.

it is, of course, his Grandad that will find the idea of this film exciting. he will, no doubt, think the idea of a massive image of Mrs Brown on the side of a double decker bus brilliant. to that end, then, here's the best edit and enlarge that i can do.

i suspect that the film, like the Alan Partridge one, will not get much in the way of an international release, or otherwise be released internationally if that is how you prefer the way your words to fall. i would imagine the DVD will be out towards the end of the year, so yes Dad, i will get it and send it as soon as i can.

these situations may well not have been situations, and i suspect they were not, whatever they are, all that exciting. ah, erm, oops.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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