Thursday, July 24, 2014

pouches and cards

hello there

nothing really, i just thought i had better pop by and make some sort of comment for those ardent followers who like to check up here and see if there's any new nonsense.

there isn't really, truth be told, but i will do my best for you.

first off, yes indeed, yet another attempt at some cheap sort of casing for the pod of i to be stored, indeed held, in as i wander around on my wanderings.

when i say cheap, yes indeed i did buy it at that pound place, where everything costs, well, work it out i suppose.

it looked pretty nifty, what with that shiny-ish black finish on the casing and smart looking hook. the size, in respect of the length and dimensions and all that science stuff that i don't particularly understand or care for beyond any sort of rudimentary level, all looked about spot on, so as you can see i purchased it, figuring i would give it a go. except i didn't. well, yes i did, but also i didn't. look, just bear with me for a little bit, i will show and explain as best i can just now.

here is a display, through one of them fancy, la-de-dah see through mesh shutter things, of some Christmas Cards for sale. yes, it's July. i know what you are thinking - eeh, they are quite late getting these on display. actually no they are not, they have been on sale since some point in June, but up until now i just haven't bothered with it.

i really don't know why the card shops don't just make all the cards they have available for sale all the time. it would make life a lot easier, for instance, when people have family living in other lands and it is the case that in other lands they celebrate certain things on different days. like, for instance, they have Father's Day in September over in Aotearoa, whereas the rest of the world has it in June or something. also, if they sold things like Christmas Cards all year round as a standard, there would be no whiny, pretentious posts like this and we would all be able to send them randomly during the year to each other for surreal, possibly funny reasons.

i did put the pod of i in the pouch, and then clocked that it would not really work out. firstly, the zip comes to a close at the arse end of it, if we assume that clip is the head, so the pod would have to hang upside down which might upset it.

also, that clip, as fancy as it looks, turns out not to be some class sort of metal thing, but rather a less than class sort of plastic thing. i have every reason to believe it would just snap at random at any point, really, and i would have no wish for the pod of i to be in it and dangling, Mick Fleetwood like, off of my strides as and when that does happen.

this pouch, then, has been rather given to my (considerably) better half as some sort of gift or whatever, basically handed over to her with the words "do something with this". i think she has, but also it might be the case that she has not.

it may please some of you to know that i have recently made a purchase order investment thing in some 'proper' cases, me now being resigned to the fact that i am not going to get a decent cheap one and also that no one sells expensive ones in the shops anymore. yeah, as and when they arrive, no doubt they will feature here.

anyway, i shall try to return soon with some sort of interesting, less half-arsed post.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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