Tuesday, July 01, 2014

that "deal done" for Glastonbury 2015 headliners thing.....

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so, Glastonbury has come and gone. people who claim "oh, it's all a sell out corporate affair" about it kind of miss the point that no one denies this; move along and enjoy the vibes. and one could enjoy the vibes this time, as none of the headline acts overtly spent their sets selling their latest record. instead all the bands, in particular Metallica, just did sets for "the kids".

the Eavis family has, of course, started selling the next Glastonbury festival, trying (fairly) to ensure enthusiasm does not wane. they are aware that Glastonbury is presently flavour of the month for the title of "best thing ever" and thus are understandably keen to ensure sell-outs continue.

the latest comment from Eavis the Senior is pretty much the same one as he gives every year, which is to say that the headliners for next year are already booked. will he say who they are? no, of course, not, as we shall remind ourselves just now, but he has hinted that one is "British" but not sure if the band are.

who could it be? well, the deal was done whilst Metallica were on, apparently. so who was watching Metallica with Eavis the Senior?

no, not Bradley Cooper. yes, that's right, it is Noel. the dull one out of Oasis. and yeah, no, i have not forgotten Bonehead when i make that statement.

you would think that Noel Gallagher will indulge us all with another solo missive in 2015, and a Glastonbury slot would, as it rides on its popularity, help him advertise and presumably sell it a very great deal indeed. i would say chalk one of the three headline spots up as being for Noel, then.

as for this whole "surprise" thing for who is playing at Glastonbury, let us not forget that it has only been in the last 6 years that you've had no idea at all who you were going to get to see at Glastonbury until after you bought your ticket. this move was brought in after the single biggest spaz booking any festival has ever made. yes, that's right kids, in living memory the event was not a "sell out".

to make sure the event sells out, then, they decided to withhold the names of those booked, punting the heck out of the idea that you are buying tickets for "the vibe and the experience" and not the actual bands. very well played, it has worked a treat.

please don't take any of the above as a knock at Glasto. ace, it is. i just wish people would not be so pretentious and precious about it. it's a business, no more, no less.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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