Monday, July 07, 2014

another day of release

hi there

well, this is one of them bourgeois moi, look at me, look at what i purchased posts, so if you are not interested or in some bizarre way offended, feel free to move right along to a suitable corner of the net which does not impinge on your sensibilities. cool, safe journey.

yes. a HMV bag.

it was with nothing but delight, i say, that yet again, just a little while after the Kasabian album i posted about on that day of this instance, though, it all relates to a band that i get even more excited about than Kasabian. granted, there are a fair number of bands that i would list above the Les-Tah massive, as much as i love Serge and all them that are not Serge, but this was an extra special day of release for me. second only, perhaps, to being able to walk in and purchase a Bowie album on day of release, if we assume for the moment that there is no chance at all of any sort of release off of The Stone Roses. an Ian Brown solo is plausible, i suppose, you just don't know.

what was it, then, that got released today that i was all so excited about? well, it is worth pointing out that it was not just me that was excited. observe this, if you will.

to the untrained eye, this might look simply like two ladies sat outside one of them bingo / fruit machine places at eight in the morning, eager to thrust coins forwards towards the slot in the hope of winning more coins of money. i rather like to think, however, that instead this is an image of two ladies commencing the anticipated queue to get to the HMV for when the doors open so that they can purchase the album as soon as possible, so happy and excited are they that it is being released today and can soon be theirs. yes, in fairness, that is quite some distance they are away from the HMV, but perhaps they wanted to be in the queue, but not of a mind to deal with the pressure of being the first to buy it.

what is it, you may ask, that was released today that i and them ladies (might) be all excited about? i must tell you now, before you hit me in the face for withholding information? well, you could have just scrolled down, but for those of a linear mind, yes. here it is.

yep, the new album by Wales' top almost-all boy band, the Manic Street Preachers, look you see. Futurology, it is called, and it has some pretty amazing reviews already.

will my review be here? no, i have not heard it yet. well, i have heard two tracks, Walk Me To The Bridge and Europa Something Something Something, and they are ace they are.

i had every intention of buying the album at lunchtime, right, but as it happened for some reason - presumably to cope with the expected demand - HMV was open at 8:30am instead of 9:00am.

no, i did not go in and buy it at 8:30am. i am not that flamboyant or exciting, really. i was not sure i wished for the pressure of being the first to buy it, but obviously had little interest in sitting in front of some bingo parlour with the ladies waiting. actually, that's not true, i believe i probably would have rather enjoyed sitting in front of the bingo palace with the ladies, but my employers, i would take a guess, would have little interest in me doing such a thing on their time. which is somewhat fair enough i suppose.

yes, there is a closer look at the album on the way, but today i also got a letter off of the House of Commons. i do not recall this ever happening before, so i thought i would take a picture of it and post it here, to commemorate that and the fact that it is unlikely i will get another one off of them. well, not one quite so polite as this.

what was the letter relevant to, or about? regular readers will no doubt be aware. anyway, it was a nice thing to get on a Monday, and it is not at all often that one can say that about official letters. cheers to the fella who sent it, should he for some reason read this.

anyway, you no doubt want to have a gander at Futurology, so here it is.

yeah, i went right ahead and bought that 'special edition' of it. despite the fact that HMV are charging £1 more than one can buy it online for, and the fact that HMV will no doubt have this reduced to about £5 in four or so months from now. i could have got the normal people CD for about £10, but did not. hey ho, i guess this just makes me £1 more of a fan than my fellow Manic fans that ordered it online. and took delivery of the album last Friday. 

erm, yeah. a look inside the CD book thing? OK.

yes, the book thing is indeed all shiny, and with each passing year, you are quite right, Sean Moore looks more and more like a midget Roy Keane.

and Wire looks like a third rate Cillian Murphy impersonator. or perhaps stunt double.

but James is cool, and the three make class music together.

anyway, the back of the box thing.

when will i actually hear the album? tomorrow, i would imagine. i will load it up onto Mr mp3 player and probably listen to it on the bus, or dans le bus, since some of you were quite excited about my recent post on certain French matters.

yes, i know i usually read on the bus, but at the moment i am reading an appalling book that has a picture of Jason Statham on the cover. i think the two are very much related.

another look inside the book/box thing, then, and look, it is all shiny.

so, that's that. i doubt i will post an actual review of the album, as all interested will have heard it and got it anyway.

next day of release? well, Morrissey has a new album out next Monday.

hope you've all had a smart start to the week!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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