Sunday, July 27, 2014

staring at the sea

hello there

oddly enough i am sat here with some new pod of i pouches, but i suspect that you are somewhat fed up on that subject for the time being. as and when i have given them a test run i will do some sort of review, maybe, but for now i suspect this will all be of more general interest.

it was a most glorious day, or if you like day of glory, yesterday, which was reason in itself to ride along to the coast. we had other reason, sure, but it being a most splendid day in regards of the kindness of the weather just really accentuated all of that, look you see.

an exceptionally warm day it was, with little or no respite from any sort of wind, but all the same William got it into his head that his hat might get blown off at any point, and so took protective measures.

James, as you can see, rather had every confidence that the integrity of his rather smart cap would mean that it stayed where he wanted to without holding on.

at which point of the coast were we at? well, some of you should be able to work it out with no problem, for anyone else i guess you will just have to do some research. which these pictures should allow you to do with ease.

on our last visit to this place, earlier in the year as opposed to the one that we will no doubt again make in the future, you may recall mention was made of the cliff lift not being functional. if, that is, i mentioned it in the last post. anyway, then there was promise that it would work, and indeed it was working.

ask anyone at all about this cliff lift and invariably the first comment prompted is "it's too expensive". no it is not, neither for what it is or for how it saves you the otherwise steep walk up and down. £1 for an adult and 50p for a child is not an extravagant or wasteful cost at all, even if some of the staff operating it appear to have been somehow welded into a job that they neither like nor care for.

what exactly is the cliff lift? it is a lift that moves one up and down a cliff. it uses some sort of water, or hydro, or even hydraulics source of power. very class it is, to tell the truth.

at the base camp of the cliff lift, or if you like the lift of cliff, there was of course that magnificent cut out thing where you can stick your head through and have a picture taken. so we did.

how, you may ask, was it at all possible for all four of us to be in a picture at the same time? someone else operated my blueberry for us, which was kind. who? difficult to say, really, as they got a bit upset when i mentioned them as a passing stranger last time. someone of significance, then, is that ok?

wandering along with this post, then, and my (considerably) better half and William found a car that they both rather like. both went so far, as point of fact, to say that this would be ideal as our next car.

erm, yes. i was led to believe that my (considerably) better half was presently considering other cars for us to conduct our car business in for the purpose of needing a larger one. the boys are not, as evolution has it, getting any smaller at all, and so i was led to believe we were in the market for one of them larger, "people carrier", land crusader of the suburbs type of things. preferably with a sliding door, as they are ace, them.

i would not proffer any skill on the side of cars on my behalf, but the above model, as purple as it is roof free, does not strike me as the sort of thing either intended or frequently used for family use. hey ho, perhaps when my (considerably) better half is of an age that a mid-life crisis is inevitable, or the boys are of an age that they don't wish to drive around with us, she can get one.

onwards towards this sea i mentioned, then, or if you like one of them inlet or stream sort of things that feeds it, or whatever it does. i think only recently i mentioned that i had a grade D in geography and that, so if you want the specifics i am afraid you are in the wrong place.

my (considerably) better half noted some flat stones of a flat nature, and so decided to engage in the fine art of skimming, or skipping, them across the body of water. this is a fine art, and one that several of you will do, but what you call it is probably dependant on what is the nearest ocean to you.

efforts were, as you might expect, made to teach the boys how to do this.

there was a momentary, almost passing interest from both of them in how cool, awesome, epic and all that it was to make a stone bounce across the water. they, however, soon clocked that it was all basically them being told they were not only allowed, but were being actively encouraged, to throw stones into water.

as this video more or less shows off, the pretence of even trying to skim or skip the stones soon fell away, and off they went, throwing stones at will at the water.

yeah, we probably should have stopped them from doing it, but alas did not. besides, they hardly hit anyone at all, and only hit each other once or twice.

those of you browsing this off of one of them Apple products will not, of course, be able to watch the video, due to the class and excellent limitations of that Safari thing they have on it.

to, in some small way, make up for that, here's a temperature reading off of one of them Apple things. no, i do not have an Apple thing that does the weather and that; someone else kindly took this image off of their one and sent it on.

see, i told you, it does get hot in England. actually, more super humid than it does hot, which is very draining and somewhat annoying. it is a draining annoyance, however, that i shall look back at with nothing less than longing as and when the snow lands. my heart shall harbour a firm and ardent desire to see humidity return. not the remainder of my family, the 75% you all like more than you like me, of course. they think that all this snow stuff is going to be excellent, brilliant, mint and what have you. we shall see, shan't we just, when it lands.

i do worry about how my mate Spiros will get on when the snow lands, as it does not usually bring with it a temperature that favours the naturalist sort of life he leads, or his penchant for sleeping in hedges. actually i don't worry about him, he will be swilling methylated spirits no doubt, that should keep him warm.

for reasons i have never understood some of you like to see me sometimes, so here is a quick selfie i took with a cliff of some significance, indeed importance, in the background.

well, obviously in the background. if it were in the foreground it would, as large as i might be, surely hide me from sight all together. and i doubt i would be able to get my arm around a cliff to take a selfie, anyway.

if i look all hot and sweaty in the above, that would be because, as i may have mentioned earlier, it was a hot and sweaty day. quite warm it was.

our voyage to the coast was made all the more, indeed perhaps entirely, legal by key elements in this picture here.

when not throwing things into the oceans, seas and streams of the world, William really, really likes picking things up, opening them, pulling them, that sort of thing. his most recent triumph in this respect was, for reasons he has not shared with us, grabbing the number plate on our current car and yanking it off. we are really unsure as to what his hope or wish was in doing this, but we were fairly sure that the constabulary proudly serving the area were unlikely to be all that amused with a car driving around - by a woman, no less - with no number plate attached to one side of it. the scissors and the double sided tape you can see here helped me reattach it in an almost legal way, with the twig you can see being deployed as a sort of diving rod thing to help me out.

many people i know, Jayson in particular, will no doubt be impressed - and maybe take some pride - by the fact that i can now, apparently, do some rudimentary, basic car repair work. i have learnt much from my dear mechanics, thank you.

wandering around away from the delights of throwing things into the sea and there was a whole load of them sort of carnival, fun fair things on offer. one or two of them were not price at eye-watering levels, which was a very nice touch.

the boys had a go with some bow and arrow things, and indeed firearms, but i felt it best just to try and get a picture of them bolting around one of them smart funhouse things.

yeah, it was tricky to get them both in the same picture, sorry.

how much? £2 each, and there was no apparent restriction on how many times they could go around or how long they could stay in, but it was late in the day. i think the condition was once they were out that was it, unless they offered more coins of money.

yes, a tempting place to leave them for the day, really.

anyway, just about done here. i had some unrelated pictures to post here, but did not alas. i will use them in a later post, perhaps when i discuss my sensational new pod of i case options. one of them - the cases, not the pictures, is indeed one of the more "twat" ones i have mentioned, and boy is it just.

to finish off, then, my (considerably) better half, loving and living the seaside life.

other than what you have seen here, what we did also, if you are interested, was find parking, have ice cream, ride a train and walk around. a most splendid of afternoons, thanks.

righty-ho, let me investigate these pod of i case things, seeing which is the most suitable and the least twat-like to wear.

hope you all have had a most splendid of weekends!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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