Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Light on saucy BE

hi there

well, two albums in the next two months should make for happy days on the stereo!

first off, Beady Eye release their second album in June of this year. called simply BE, the cover is as saucy as it is provocative.

nice one! considering Liam has spent much of the last year following The Stone Roses around, it's a wonder that he's found the time to make a new album, but i am glad that he and the band have. Different Gear, Still Speeding remain an ace, straightforward rock album. word is that this one will be more experimental, but in Liam we trust.

however experimental Liam has got, he's still rock and roll. if you didn't hear of the magnificent story from a week or so ago involving him and a fan, please do click here and read all about it. no doubt Noel has read it, and is as we speak instructing his lawyers to demand royalties from the fan. 

before that, though, there's the in no way small matter of a new Primal Scream album, More Light. it's released in May, and has a somewhat different style of cover to the Beady Eye album, but provocative all the same. 

it's going to be interesting to hear how Primal Scream sound now. they were amazing before Mani joined (hello, Screamadelica) but they were uber-super-deluxe amazing with Mani in the band (refer to Vanishing Point, XTRMNTR, Echo Dek, Evil Heat). now that he has left, will they still be as cool. i would imagine, with Bobby Gillespie there, the answer is yet. 

speaking of Mani, any time that The Stone Roses wish to lauch any of the rumoured new songs in our direction, appreciation and money are all yours. with 2 (two) record deals announced by the band in late 2011, it is a wonder they haven't been forced to release something as of yet, but we can keep waiting!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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