Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jadders & I

hi there

who is it that i should bump into within the confines of one of them elevator things than my old chum Jadders, or Darth Jad as he is sometimes prone to being known. as i am aware that there are any number of enthusiasts out there eager to learn of the ways of Jadders i asked if he would not at all mind a quick picture. he was delighted to oblige.

well, OK, the main enthusiast for the ways of Jadders that i can think of is my chum Spiros, who will be rather more pleased to see this picture than anyone else, no matter how pleased you, dear reader, may consider yourself right now.

Jadders, Spiros and i worked together some 14 years ago. they were most excellent days. once, possibly on a Tuesday, Spiros and i received a call from someone in Colombia, probably specifically from Bogota, Cali or even maybe Santa Marta. we had absolutely no idea why the gent called us or what he wanted exactly (or even generally) and thus took the decision to simply transfer the call through to Jadders. as i recall, Jadders and the gent from Colombia hit it off rather well, and it's entirely possible that their telephonic friendship flourishes to this day.

good seeing you, Jadders!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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