Tuesday, April 02, 2013

McQueen Mints

hi there

here's something really cool that i picked up at the weekend. the same time as Skyfall, as it happens. i would probably have posted them earlier had my (considerably) better half not hidden them in a bag that had her new shoes in. somehow it is my fault that they were in that bag, just because of the trivial fact that i put them in that bag and forgot about them. anyway, moving on.

putting an image of Bullitt on something is a pretty good way of convicing me to buy whatever it is. it should be a way to convince anyone to buy anything, really. at the till in that nice shop where i got Skyfall rather cheap they had these tins for sale, which i have rather stylishly placed one of on top of my copy of the film.

smart, is it not? i had absolutely no idea what was in the tin when i bought two of them (my (considerably) better half has the other in her class bag), but i was hoping it would be something sensible, like a Steve McQueen issue condom. it turns out, alas, that the tin contains some sort of mints. oh well. i am sure they taste quite class, i will try them eventually.

i did have every intention of doing that "loads of photos of people with the tin" thing at verk today, but alas it was rather busy. very busy, to be honest. hey ho, with some luck, should i remember to take the tin in again, i will get some done in, ooh, the next 19 or so days.

i am not sure that owning this tin of mints makes me as cool as Steve McQueen, but it certainly does make me cooler than i previously was. this is no bad thing at all.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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