Sunday, April 21, 2013


hi there

well, i was a bit baffled as to why i could not reach my Uncle Colin via conventional telephones today. Trevor has, however, removed some of the sense of being baffled with a few pictures today. behold, for Colin seems to have spent his birthday as you would expect, which of course is by taking a tour of at least one of his Estates around the land. 

a nice a way as any to spend the day! most splendid to see Gran going for a stroll around them with you, no doubt she brought the walking stick to beat any lower or middle class peasants that interfered with Colin today!

i can only live in hope that by some miracle the recent "delays" in post, brought about by the idiotic strike experienced on this side, means that Colin gets his birthday card from us within the next month or so. my birthday was, what, 2 months ago now and still none of the cards sent from around the world have landed. hey ho.

our humble birthday card will, honestly, seem insignificant in comparison to the gift he received from Christopher. behold this truly amazing image.

yes, what you are seeing is really there. it is, i imagine, the dream if not the whim of every father to see one of their children adopt a Jedward haircut. it is particularly pleasing, i would have thought, if a child were to do this to mark the birthday of a parent.

in a rather generous gesture, Chris apparently let Colin play at pretending to be Jedward with him.

i am not certain as to which is supposed to be the J and which is supposed to be the Edward of Jedward, if i am to be truthful, but i have long since suspected that the two sensational artists that compromise Jedward have long since forgotten which is which anyway. art does not, after all, need a name.

anyway, if you are reading this, sorry that we didn't catch you on the phone today, Uncle, but we are left with the idea that you had a pretty excellent time of it without hearing from us!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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