Saturday, April 13, 2013

last weekend

hi there

yes, for those of you in the know, yes i do know what i did there with the title is quite clever and is somewhat loaded. i have degrees in this sort of thing, you know.

moving on, and this weekend i have finally gotten around to posting a few pictures from last weekend. i did not, perhaps, take quite as many as i could or should have, but it was a rather busy time. oh well, here's the best of the ones i did take, you can imagine what the ones i did not might look like. if you want to.

off we went for a rather splendid breakfast at a place called, if i am reading the sign correctly. Moyo. it was Richard's idea and yes, on that note, Richard enthusiasts will be pleased to learn of some pictures of him being available later in this post. first off, though, here's William really enjoying and James sort of fiddling with breakfast.

as you can see, William considers any sort of eating to be just champion, to James it is rather a means to an end. and yes indeed that is Coke that James is having for breakfast, just like our friends in America would have i suppose!

it is a universal law that, no matter how enthusiastic William may be about eating, children can only spend so long sitting still. some people (hello Dad) never quite grasped the universal ways of this law, but thankfully most places do. off, then, it was with the boys to paint the rather fine vuvuzela things that they had bought from somewhere.

aah, the vuvuzela. how the world fell in love with the sweet, melodic sound of this during World Cup 2010. the enthusiasts around the world of this device may well be sad to learn that it is on the verge of being banned here - apparently the fans have started taking a shine to twatting each other with it in the grounds. oh dear.

Lyla and Ruby-Lee also had a vuvuzela each, and thus of course they got busy painting theirs too!

for just about the whole time we saw everyone over the weekend Quinn was, alas, asleep, and well covered against the cold wids. there are, i am truly sorry to say, no new pictures of him here to go with the one of his sisters above.

to compensate for that in some small way, here's a fantastic picture of Richard with an extra special guest!

yes, you are not mistaken, that is indeed Derrel, all the way from the USA! i had no idea he was in town, but was very happy that he was! it's always great to see him!

that, by the way, is not one of them Lance Armstrong "Cheat To Win" bangles on Richard's wrist. Richard has a natural distrust of cyclists in general and of anyone who goes to France by their own free choice in particular. that's just the band thingie you have to wear to gain access to breakfast at the place we were at.

speaking of where we were at, there was a lake and as is natural ducks cruised it. James and William discovered this and, against my suggestions that they might not appreciate it, began offering leaves and sticks to the ducks.

those of you familiar with the works of Eddie Izzard will know almost word for word of a routine called The Tyranny Of Ducks. this would be pretty much what James and William experienced when the ducks decided to have a closer gander at just who it was that decided to give them sticks and the odd leaf.

James spent a few moments trying to recall if ducks were biters before i rescued the pair! it was quite class watching the two being mostly excited and a little scared of the approaching ducks, almost as good as that time i took James in with the baby lions and tigers which led to some new holes in his t-shirt. pics of that are on this blog somewhere, probably around 2008 i think.

away from the breakfast place and indeed away from that day, we also went off to see Richard, Erika, Lyla, Ruby-Lee and the sleeping Quinn at their place for the last time on a Sunday for a bit. for quite some time as we visited Richard was doing something most peculiar with them golf stick things that he rather likes.

it looks, as far as i am concerned, like he is cleaning them. when i asked why exactly he would be doing such a thing he mentioned it not being too good an idea having mud or grass on them. that to me is just another reason to leave this golf business well alone. it's an OK game to play i suppose, and in fact i once very nearly beat Richard at it - we were playing the game by that randy chap, Tiger something, on a PlayStation and as i teed off first technically i held a brief lead.

anyway, away from that golf nonsense, Michele very kindly took a few pictures of Richard and I together. here's one of them "proper" photographs for you.....

.....and here's a somewhat more usual type of photograph of the two of us!

whoops, it has dawned on me that i did not take a picture of him doing his usual "moon shot". sorry about that, will have to take one the next time, i suppose!

anyway, that's that from the last weekend. as for this weekend, it has just been a lot of shopping and washing, really - nothing to take too many pictures of! if something of interest pops up, i shall certainly consider thinking of a few snaps!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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