Saturday, April 06, 2013

Grumpy and Gerry......

hi there

the more frequent reader of this blog, the type of reader with a good memory, will recall that one of the things i grumble about in the current era of human history is people going to concerts and sticking their phone in the air, taking pictures and making videos and that. rather just go and enjoy the gig i say, let the professionals take the pictures.

take pictures is what my Dad says, which as it happens is no bad thing when he happens to be in the front row at a Gerry And The Pacemakers gig!

it sounds like it was an excellent gig, although i must stress i have not heard from my Dad directly to this end. how do i know it sounds like an excellent gig? because as it was happening on Saturday night in New Zealand, it was Saturday morning here, and i happened to be having breakfast with Richard. this breakfast was disrupted, although not quite disturbed, by Dad phoning - presumably from the concert - and shouting "HELLO HELLO HELLO" a lot down the phone. Richard promptly phoned back and shouted "HELLO HELLO HELLO" at him, although i do not believe one heard the other.

it looked like Dad had a fantastic time, too, since he got to meet the legendary Gerry Marsden after the gig!

and, of course. Dad somehow persuaded Gerry Marsden to do a spot of ad hoc promotion for Old Grumpy's Gallery too!

Gerry And The Pacemakers have a special place in history, of course, as their first three singles all went to number one. this is something that not even The Beatles or The Rolling Stones achieved, and it's not something the world saw again since a certain Frankie Goes To Hollywood did it, almost going one better with a 4th but falling just short. lots of bands have probably done it since, but the charts are so meaningless these days (sadly) that whoever did it will be so disposable no one will think to remember them.

many thanks, Dad, for the novelty factor of sending a picture with your good self actually in it for a change! glad you got to meet yet another musical hero of yours!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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