Friday, April 12, 2013

Old Grumpy in the press!

hi there

after a prolific run of late, apologies for not much in the way of updates for the last few days. i've been somewhat busy, but more on that soon when i put the pictures through the picture mending thing on the computer and post them here.

in the mean time, though, Dad has been rather busy with his most splendid venture that is known, and indeed these days cherished, as Old Grumpy's Gallery. it has even made the newspapers over in New Zealand (or New Zealand-land, if George W Bush is reading) once again!

as you have read in the past here, the gallery has been in the NZ (George W Bush, NZ means 'New Zealand') newspapers before, but on instances where the gallery has hosted events, press launches and the like. now, though, the time has come for an article on the gallery itself.

no, i cannot really make much of that text out either, sorry. that's just how Dad scanned and sent it. still, it features a picture of Mum & Dad, something that i have not had for quite some time. of what i can make out of the text, though, is that the journalist has very wisely steered away from digging too far into why the gallery, and indeed Dad, are called "Old Grumpy", and kept well away from the particular colour of the shoes he wears on any given day.

somewhat easier to read, i am pleased to say, is the latest advert for the Gallery. here it is and, i am sure it goes without saying, if you happen to find yourself in the beautiful surroundings of Mount Maunganui why not stop by?

in case you are wondering if i get some sort of payment for the intermittent promotion or advertising of Old Grumpy's Gallery here, all i can suggest is that you call in the gallery yourself. a few minutes in my Dad's company and you will soon clock the answer. should you not be able to call in, the answer is nope and if anything it costs me. not long after he sees this i will get a mail that goes something like "saw the blog post, fantastic, here is a list of books, films and albums i want you to send me".

more posts soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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