Monday, April 01, 2013

bad taste April Fools day jokes

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well, all around the world the usual April Fool jokes and japes should, by now, have come to an end. i opted not to do any on this blog this morning as the ones i did last year got far, far too many hits and visits. i probably upset one or two people with the pranks, and that's something i don't like doing her(e) (thanks Schwirl) by accident - believe me, i much prefer causing deliberate upset to people that deserve it.

as you would expect, the other internet sites of the world have been going great guns with April Fool things, and mostly they have been funny, easy to spot and unlikely to cause offence. a few, however, have sadly crossed that imaginary, flexible line of taste, and presented stories that are clearly fake or otherwise cause some great offense somewhere in the world. here'a a few of them.

perhaps the single most offensive, and clearly one of the more obvious jokes for today, is about that rather unpleasant character Dappy - the one who took to threatening 12 year old schoolgirls that dared to call him - and please use your powers of fantasy with the use of this word - "music" rubbish, all whilst he was the spokesman for some sort of anti-bullying campagin.

yes, the signs that it is a fake story are all there in the headline. presumably this all happened at a gig he was at, for no one would be silly enough to book Dappy to do a concert himself, unless it was part of some elaborate tax dodge that involved putting on shows in empty stadiums. moving on, and this idea that Dappy has any sort of fan let alone fans is of course just pure fabrication. and technically, in the eyes of the law, going on velocity impact and per square inch damage, i am not sure you can legally say that what Dappy does with his hands are punches.

sport is always a good source for April Fool things, and this year has been no exception. the idea of a Scotsman not only playing tennis but also being rather good at it is, honestly, getting a little tired now. the creators of this story are clearly running out of steam with the idea too, since they could only be bothered to make a Scotsman "the second best" in the world. it's all a bit "Alan Partridge interviews France's second best racing driver", now, isn't it?

i understand, and am indeed very glad, that every generation discovers Monty Python. this constant usage of using this young Andy Murray to recreate the Python sketch where aliens get a Scotsman to win Wimbledon is really just tiresome now. rather let him get on with his life, and whatever it is he does when he's not generously posing it tennis gear for these humourists.

football too provides fertile ground for April Fools mucking about. the special kind of dickhead, Mr John Terry, was oddly absent this year, perhaps feeling rather tired from his shenanigans with the law last year. full marks to Sunderland, though, for coming up with the laughable idea that they would sack the usually likeable Martin O'Neill and replace him with a right-wing political activist in the form of Paolo Di Canio, a man whose proclivity to do facist salutes to celebrate goals has seen him shunned by the game.

as you can see, the joke has been extended a bit too far by suggesting that David Miliband has quit his high paying, do nothing job at Sunderland due to Di Canio's politics. what nonsense! as a man who served with Tony Bliar (not a spelling error), Miliband would not doubt have been thrilled to have a nationalist (to put it kindly) employed, and would no doubt love discussing how great wars are with him, since he gave tacit support to so many soldiers being sent off to fight them.

and speaking of war, this April Fool story is just plain daft.

as far as i can see, this Kim Jong Un seems a pleasant enough bloke. other than his name sounding a bit like Donkey Kong, which is class, he's the one that does that whole Gagnamham Style thing, isn't he? why would be want to go starting a war? he's happy enough doing the singing and the videos. besides which, if there's no petrol or oil in Korea, why would anyone think that the US would give any sort of help?

well, that's all the dodgy April Fool stories that i spotted. hopefully you all saw one or two better ones on your travels!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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