Monday, April 22, 2013

"Noel Gallagher has a friend that can read" says Noel Gallagher

hi there

one of the most depressing things in the world of modern rock has been seeing Noel Gallagher become an attention seeking, purely money orientated dick. to those who say he was always a dick, well yeah, fair enough, but at least he just used to be about the music.

his latest escapade into the world of "hey, look at me, please put my name in the papers" is just sad. the NME have, i suppose like me, actually given internet space to the following 'insight' from Noel in regards of David Bowie and his recent return to music :

According to people I've spoken to, there’s another album in the pipeline. There was, like, 29 songs or something.

wow, really Noel? you have some excellent inside info on the workings of the world of David Bowie, do you? actually, no he does not. what Noel does have is, and this may be a shocker to a few of you, would be some comparatively very clever friends.

the people he has spoken to have, i would guess, read articles on Bowie's return in magazines such as Mojo, Q, Uncut and perhaps even NME itself. they have subtracted the number of tracks on the The Next Day album from the rough esitimate of new songs worked on as mentioned by the likes of Tony Visconti, Earl Slick and a few others and clocked there's "about an album's worth" of songs theoretically left over. great, amazing insights there, Noel.
it is getting to the point where i am giving thought to just binning my High Flying Birds album and related singles, lest someone see them and assume that i am also an idiot.


be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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