Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Loot's insane packaging strategy

hi there

consider me somewhat impressed! loot, one of the first online retailers here but only now really getting to be the biggest and perhaps best (mostly due to improved ordering times, partly down to kalahari not particularly caring for service any more, offering to cancel user profiles instead of listening to queries) on the go at the moment. they have something of a "DVD & Blu Ray" clearance sale going on at the moment and, finding a few titles that i quite liked, i ordered 5.

despite the side effects of the farcical Post Office strike here, which by the way saw a large number of people fired due to their greed and stupidity, the 'speed service' deliveries seem to come through OK. i ordered the discs on Thursday, and one long weekend later they arrived on the next working day.

and boy, did they arrive!

yep, i used my desk chair to give you some sort of idea of the scale of box loot feels obliged to use to send 5 discs to me in. quite a whopper, is it not?

i think i've done a nifty job, thanks to my dazzling skills with MS Paint, of covering up my personal details. if i haven't, please don't use them to impersonate me, you rather more naughty element of the internet fraternity. if i've got something you want, rather please just ask. 

here's one of them "perspective" shots, or whatever pro-photographers call them, so you can see the full size of the box they sent the discs in. staggering just about covers it.

as for what's inside the box, well, one of the items kind of almost sort of justifies the mega-sized box used. behold. 

yeah, that's right, i now have RoboCop on blu-ray, or Blu Ray if that's how you are supposed to write it.  i am very much looking forward to some high definition Clarence Boddicker action in the near future, believe you me. especially as the remake is looking awful.

moving on, as and when you are quite finished drooling over the class titles there, i think the mega box was for the "mega box" containing something called Hellboy and a "Golden Army" figurine. i suspect the figurine is something to do with the second film, the one that i do not remember seeing. that probably means i haven't seen it.

anyway, at R55 ($6 to my American friends, about £3.92 for my friends in England and i doubt anyone i know in New Zealand will be all that interested) it looked like too good a deal to pass on, especially as i was under the impression that my (considerably) better half really liked the first one.

as it turns out, my (considerably) better half wasn't all that impressed with the film. it was "boring", she said, when i showed her the class box, the contents of which you have no doubt worked out are pictured above. whoops.

oh well, it will still look most impressive on the shelf. i thought the first was OK, and as we saw the same set on sale at the weekend for 5 (five) times the price i just paid for it, a bit of a decent deal done!

anyway, time to see if i can't chase everyone off for a very early night so that i can sit back and enjoy RoboCop once again!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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