Tuesday, August 29, 2017

if the stores are all closed


something that's more peculiar than a complaint, i think, look you see.

the NME has, to be sure, attracted a reputation for being less than interested in the realities or if you like facts of a story. an example, to be sure, was posted here not so long ago, when they claimed that Mani's "megaband" FreeBass never released an album whilst i am sat with it.

in the most recent episode of such they have not so much got something wrong as they have taken a bizarre editorial decision. it's all to do with Robert Plant doing a solo record that references something from one of the bands he used to be in.

erm, yes, right. ok. the article is not wrong. as in Stairway To Heaven is indeed a classic. and it can indeed be found on the soundtrack album The Song Remains The Same, initially released in 1976.

for me, and this is nitpicking perhaps, i would say that you would most commonly direct people to find it on the 1971 album which it was originally released on. called, well, no one is sure. IV most go with, or Untitled or Four Symbols. it just would seem to make more sense, no? 

want to see a screenshot of the story, which i will happily link here, with an image of Robert Plant included? as you wish.

no, i've not heard the new single. i have some level of interest in hearing it, but right now i am too distracted by the reference elected on in this article.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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