Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Kyō okotta koto wa nani mo okoranakatta

Nakama no aisatsu

today, assuming you are reading it on what day i published, look you see, is a day of major significance and consequence. one of the most significant anniversaries is marked. it celebrates a day, to be sure, that changed the world of many.

i have every confidence in reason to suspect that i do not need to tell you this, but just for the sake of completeness today is of course the 14th anniversary of the 10th anniversary of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (not to be confused with the Japanese Democratic Liberal Party) losing an election after some 38 years in power.

much of the 10th anniversary commemoration was, at the time (obviously) overshadowed by the passing of Gregory Hines. he was an actor and boss dancer who many in Japan harboured hopes of taking over the Sammy Davis jnr mantle of making extremely expensive adverts for Japanese whisky. both events, you would think, are thought about in Japan today.

what can i, someone who has not been to Japan, tell you about this most momentous, if not indeed key, anniversary? not a great deal, i suppose. surely i could speculate, but it is perhaps better or more fitting to let the Japanese text just flow.




those fine, fine words are, i trust you will agree, ones we can all understand, appreciate and perhaps reflect upon.

and with that i shall take my leave of you for now, and press on with things. quite possibly things that involve a hammer, but not in an overtly euphemistic or symbolic way.

Otagai ni yūshū!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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