Tuesday, August 08, 2017

fett ish


i find myself in something of a bind, to be sure. for each month of this year i have, look you see, shared some sort of info about Star Wars in order to show off the relevant month as it is shown on that "concept art" calendar i picked up on the cheap.

whilst that calendar has not run out of months i would appear to have run out of anything new, different or of consequence to speak about of Star Wars. perhaps we have all just reached a saturation, if not breaking, point with it.

one would assume that i could simply post the calendar as it is and in itself, but for the sake of variation here's some of my smart Boba Fett collection things.

for those who are somewhat new to this sort of post i do, well, you perhaps need no reminder that Boba Fett is the 3rd best character out of Star Wars, just behind Lando and Lobot. as a result of this Boba Fett is my 3rd favourite character from the series, indeed franchise, just behind Lando and Lobot.

although most marketing around Star Wars is quite subdued and restrained, for some reason is this all the more so for the two best characters. one can seldom, if ever, get any sort of merchandise which celebrates Lando or Lobot. so instead i gather the bronze medal of it all, which is Boba.

so, then, what concept art is on the go for August? alas, more Hoth space and snow battles from The Empire Strikes Back; the fifth film in the series and so in respect of the law of diminishing returns the fifth best film of Star Wars.

two words come to mind with the selection of the images above, in particular the bottom one. boring and predictable would be them. not for what they represent, for it is quite an exciting scene. it's just that the bottom one, with minor character Luke or someone in the slight shadow of a space tank, has been peddled and used loads and loads of times before over the last 30+ years. that said, i don't think i had seen the top image before.

hang on a minute. in that Star Wars film thing, right, the technology to fly is widespread, with even peasant fake orphan farm boys being able to have flying cars. why, then, do they bother making land based forms of transportation?

you are probably here, if you are still here, just for the calendar image, so as you may know what the date is. for those wanting more, here's a controversial non-Commodore 64 mode image of a partial glance at some of my Boba Fett items.

right, let me have a little think as to what i might place here in September for the inevitable and presumably welcome by some look at the calendar for that month.

as ever, it is just splendid if some of you have found this interesting.

live long and prosper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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