Thursday, August 10, 2017

everything's gone green

bonjour, mon amis

yes, quite. if i am starting with the surrendered language of the Frenchies it can surely only mean, look you see, that this blog post is of one of two things. either, then, i shall speak of my unconditional surrender because someone happened to drop something slightly loud or partially threatening at my doorstep, or it is all food. for the interests of clarification it will be the latter not the former, to be sure, assuming that means the last potential i raised.

with respect to reasons i would not wish to divulge here it was that, in recent times, i frequented the branches of Subway more than necessarily necessary. on the one side the solemn purpose of such trips was a failure, but also a victory of sorts came from it.

this victory - and it is indeed something what i am prepared to argue is a victory - was taken in the form of witnessing the brand transition.

whilst green has always had a place in the branding of Subway it seems that they have now decided, perhaps elected, maybe, to go full tilt green. this is, as you can so gloriously see in the above, most prominent in their straws. patrons who elect to use a straw in Subway for their drink must now suck upon a green one. this is as opposed to, well, whatever colour they were before. plain white or maybe black, i think.or possibly them ones what are mostly white but have a colour line down them.

just why the change? well, no idea. should the straws, once, have been black, then it would make sense from an environmental point of view. did you know, cultivated dear reader, that black plastic cannot be recycled? i am unsure as to why for certain, but an educated stab at a guess would be that the colourants or things they do to make it black preclude it being used again.

thus, if that was the case and this is a reason for the change, then it makes sense from a PR perspective, and for the continuance of the world, to change.

in Commodore 64 mode there is their, with them being Subway, new logo. or emblem if you like, maybe livery. whatever. before they were happy to just have the name on the go, but i suppose now in this enlightened era of simplicity it does make some sense to keep it all simple for your target market.

earlier on i am quite certain that i mentioned i was witnessing rebranding very much in a transitional phase. to this end, it is far from the case that the rebranding is complete. whereas inside their various outlets - and they are indeed popular and widespread - the new look can be found, the outside stands still somewhat, apparently oblivious to the changes which are to come.

oh, quite, yes. that is a store on a particularly wet, windy and rainy (hence the wet) day. and yet the staff of this branch has elected to place outside seating for patrons. whilst common sense would dictate that surely no such patron or guest would wish to eat a sandwich, salad or nachos (or combo thereafter) in the rain for the fear of it getting soggy, we must not rush to judge. bravo, then, to those oh so bold and brave ones who sat in the rain to dine. i did not, so contextually i suppose this makes me rather the coward.

whilst that last part will remind you that interestingly i did start all of this off with some deft Frenchie speak, perhaps you would like to look at the smart new green straws in non-Commodore 64 mode. here you go, then, with just a hint of the new logo thingie beneath.

certainly other motivating factors could be behind the ambitious colour change to the straws. i have probably mentioned the psychology of colour in passing here before, and there is every chance that you are aware of it anyway. if not, or and indeed maybe why not, here we go, possibly again.

when it comes to advertising or general psychological manipulation / reinforcement, colour is a most splendid weapon. green is generally used to convey a sense of intelligence, with it being noted that those with a natural affinity for green tending to be more intelligent than the norm. red is associated with passion, desire and/or hunger, whilst certain shades of blue (generally light) are employed to convey trust, confidence and safety.

many financial institutions, then, rely on blue and green for their branding, so as to have the psychological edge over their competitors. them what use a mix of the two - turquoise if you like - are trying too hard and should be viewed with caution.

generally yes, showing off a photo of your food or a meal what you are going to eat is the preserve, indeed reserve, of stuff like Twitter and that other one, Instantgrammage or something. i really do not like showing off that which i shall eat here, as i believe it to be crass. however, in this rare instance it seems on the whole appropriate to do so.

to wrap up a post which has perhaps laboured on for far too long, how about the straw in action? well, a still image representing the straw of green being deployed as intended. as a nice bonus, the new logo what Subway are using features.

yes, that is indeed one of the disposable type of chalice which Subway imbues to patrons that select a drink to go with their meal. well, a cold or if you like non-hot drink, since the tea and coffee comes in some far more reinforced style of grail vessel.

no, i have had a little think on the matter and there really is not much more i could say on this subject. if they are for some reason looking for recognition, best of luck with the new look Subway.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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