Saturday, August 12, 2017

how Spiros got his groove back


to be as honest as i can so far as be aware of being honest about it i am uncertain the tittle for this post is either legitimate or apt. from what i can recall there was a film with a title not too dissimilar to those words, to be sure. i just thought it might make for a catchy title, look you see.

adventures of Spiros, then. from the past and past. just that some of them are from a further past than the more recent one. it would be impossible to state what his future ones shall be, but all the same it is, i feel, safe to speculate that they will end up being magnificent.

my association with Spiros, as many of you i appreciate will know, goes back for several years. many, as point of fact. decades, should you prefer such measurement. consequentially if not evidentially several photographs of me with him, normally celebrating our relationship, exist. ones which are thematic to the title from a further past are then presented here to go with the related ones of the more recent past.

like, for instance or example, the one above. sure, a highlight of the above is the fact that i am wearing a t-shirt which celebrates The Stone Roses. that doesn't date it i suppose as that could be from any time since whence there has been a Stone Roses to celebrate, but i would speculate this is all from some 20 or so years ago.

it would indeed appear that we, which is Spiros and i, are engaging in some form of dance. as dance is inevitably associated with groove, it seemed fair to put this here. not that the dance we were conducting seems to be one related to The Stone Roses. no, this all looks like a fusion of the Village People, the Bee Gees and maybe Kiss, to cite the three biggest bands of the disco era.

something of a more recent image of Spiros, since you would presumably be more interested in seeing further of him and lesser of me? i don't see why not. here, then, if it pleases, is what at time of writing is the most recent image what i have of him.

all that i can do is assume that you will observe with some interest the intensity across the face of Spiros as he extracts the pleasures from the pink flamingo. as far as i am aware it is a sculpture of a pink flamingo rather than a real one. he assures me that this is all part of a custom and tradition in the society where he was at somewhere in Eastern Europe when this was taken. with some pride he also mentioned to me that the erstwhile custodians of the flamingo were so thrilled and impressed with the intensity that Spiros had as he extracted the pleasures of it that they have vowed to retain it for his future personal use.

when you think of pink flamingos you naturally consider Miami Vice, as in the smart class 80s TV show and not the horrible film with the same name. i would say that Spiros and i are equally firm fans of (proper) Miami Vice, only he could probably take it or leave it whilst i remain besotted. once, right, we were at some party - i think might have been New Year or something - when some dude turned up looking exactly like Don Crockett out of Miami Vice, only taller, and not as handsome. well, he had a white suit on. our exuberance and what have you got all carried away at this, which led to us very nearly getting our f*****g heads kicked in as we caused a minor, city wide power outage in our enthusiasm.

has my association with Spiros ever been of a marked professional nature? why yes, albeit or indeed since i seem to use the word a lot perhaps briefly in the grand scheme of things. Spiros is, as has been noted before, the greatest legal mind of his generation. my stature is far lower and nowhere close, so i simply could not keep up with his abilities. i stood aside so as not to hold him back.

that's us hard at work contemplating or considering some top level matter. indeed yes, that is Dan with us, who is brilliant and a genius.

what matter was it that Spiros and i were considering? well, when i asked him he just mentioned something about not being at all fond of recalling that hairstyle, that watch or that tie, even going as far as mentioning a preference for the picture not being published. in all likelihood we were simply doing what clients paid us an awful lot of money to do, which is consider a matter. maybe it relates to some form of indemnity, or it is possible that it has something to do with participant resolution documentation. in any eventuality, you can be assured that our top abilities were applied to it. or whatever we could get away with.

by any chance, you wonder, has Spiros been able to observe further toilets abandoned to the streets as he has toured the world deploying his deft legal skills? yes.

once again he sent me on this picture, and i was not sure what to do with it so i elected to place it here. many such similar pictures have been sent to me before and i generally end up adding them here. as he has not raised an objection, or at the least an objection that i can recall or paid attention to, here we are again.

it would be far from being a connoisseur or  expert in respect of toilets that i would describe myself. this one, so far as i can see, seems in decent condition. perhaps it has simply been removed as part of some refurbishment or redecoration rather than discarded due to damage. the internet provides a harbour or home to all; i am sure someone with an interest in such things will see the above and be delighted.

now then, this groove of Spiros thing. those of you who are friends or otherwise associated with me on that whole facebook thing will have seen a video what i shared. that video did indeed show off Spiros in the groove, as in it was him electing to bust a move, as it was him dancing. the video will be below, but first for those of you unable to appreciate video on this blog here is a still frame from it.

i fiddled with the brightness a bit as the video is rather dark. still quite possible to watch, however, which means you can enjoy watching Spiros bust a move as he gets his groove back, should he have lost it or otherwise previously displaced it.

oh, yes, that is a yacht that Spiros is on as he busts a move. a very expensive, exclusive yacht, but i am not permitted to say anything more on the subject. weirdly Spiros spends a lot of time on yachts. in professional terms many of the clients who can afford his services hold meetings on yachts to secure privacy. for more personal concerns, well, Spiros finds that yachts are an excellent place to meet sailors, with which he likes to form short term but mutually beneficial friendships.

so anyway, for those who can play back the video footage i load up here from time to time, watch and enjoy as Spiros does indeed bust a move.

certain matters must remain confidential. that said, if you so happen to think that singer is a certain someone, then it probably is. and no they most decidedly are not cheap with their appearance fee, but one gets what one pays for.

although it would be nice, of course, if you thought that some of the stuff i write on here is worth considerably more than the free, or if you like gratis fee it has.

music, dance and the ability to bust a move are not the limitations or confines of art expression which Spiros and i can be from time to time be found guilty of engaging in. far from it. both of us quite like, indeed appreciate, motion pictures. mostly we like the same films, but there are some forms of cinematic joy that Spiros really likes more than i.

here we are, several or a few years ago, recreating the very famous promotional poster image for a film that Spiros assures me is one of the most iconic and celebrated to ever have been made.

i doubt, if what Spiros says is true, that i need to explain what it is. should that be incorrect, then what we are in fact doing is recreating the cover of a film, from either the late 80s or early 90s, called The Cherry. should you be unfamiliar with it, well first and foremost i would caution against doing a Google search. from what i recall of the three or so seconds i saw of it, it was a military based film. other than that, it appeared to be a film made by men, for men, starring only men for an audience of men who like men.

a further abiding memory would be that the attention to detail for the uniforms the all male cast wore was exceptional and impressive, considering that for much of the film they appeared not to actually wear them.

to finish off with, then, a picture of Spiros and i looking relaxed, happy, merry, bright and thoroughly enjoying life. which is, you know, how it all was always supposed to be.

right, then, until there are more examples of Spiros and his groove, or there's something else of interest to add here, i shall progress forwards not backwards with things of stuff to do.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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