Monday, August 14, 2017

mug impossible

hey there

virtually every post on this subject, to be sure, starts off with these words. but hey, look you see, it's my blog so i guess i can do as i jolly well please.

few, if any, of the posts i do prove to be quite so popular as those featuring mugs. mugs as in the drinking chalice sense of the word, and not some colloquial use of the phrase. normally the subject of a mug would be breached here as and when i have obtained a new one. this isn't quite the case this time around. no, i procured this one a fair amount of time ago. now, however, is the time when i have come to be brave enough to use it.

brave, i say? brave, you ask? why yes. this, as you can see, is one of the more complex mugs ever to have been made or if you like forged. courage was required to attempt use.

yes. as in no, you are not mistaken, yes the above is in Commodore 64 mode. and further yes, this chalice of a mug is indeed styled on the character of Mr Strong out of the celebrated Mr Men books.

styled as in an exact replica, i suppose you could say. whereas most mugs are, by tradition if not convention, round or otherwise cylindrical in shape and dimension, this is not. no, far from it, as far as one shape can be far from another. in true devotion to the likeness of Mr Strong, this mug is indeed square. well, square except for the slightly rounded corners and edges. and the handle. and the feet.

what's that what i have inside this Mr Strong mug? tea. in this world there are only two types of acceptable tea. they are Yorkshire Tea and Fortnum & Mason tea. well, ok, a third would be Rooibos, to be sure, but some kick off and say that isn't really a "real tea".

one really cannot imagine circumstances in which you would wish to know exactly the type of tea from the above i enjoyed from this mug. should you not want to know read no further in terms of this paragraph. for those who must know, however, it was Yorkshire Tea.

so for what reason do i say that bravery and courage were required to use this mug? well, the challenge is in the shape. it's square, you see. which means it is not the most conventional type of mug one is used to drinking from. caution and care were required, then, to avoid spillage.

no, spillage was not avoided. the tea tends to flash flood over the top of the square nature of the mug. whilst from time to time i have been accused (indeed correctly) of having a big mouth, it is not literally so. anyone who has a mouth the size of which would be required to get the entirety of the mug into it so to avoid spillage is probably employed in the mature cinema adult film industry. that, or a donkey or other such beast of the field.

true, guilty as charged. i tend to be, at the very best of times, a sloppy, messy and clumsy eater. this kind of spillage, or accident or other such disgrace, routinely follows whenever i endeavour to consume something. so the mug can as point of fact take only partial blame. but yes, the shape of this splendid Mr Men mug does make spillage all the more difficult to avoid or otherwise limit.

provenance of my smart Mr Strong mug? i am uncertain. i think it was Tesco or similar, as point of fact perhaps it was Morrisons. what i can assure you of, however, was that it was cheap. cheap enough for me to insist on purchasing, despite already owning more mugs that i could use in this lifetime or the next. looking smart and irresistible pricing is a combination i simply cannot neglect.

why did i elect to all of a sudden make use of this mug? mostly felt like it. perhaps a sense of courage and bravery were with me, or maybe i just noticed it, remembered that i had it and opted to test drive.

shall i make continued use of this Mr Strong mug? i see no reason not to. as a chalice or other such vessel for tea it performs wonderfully, containing or being able to handle as it does much more in volume in terms of tea within it. i doubt that i would use it for coffee, though, as that would be insane.

anyway, onwards and off i shall go on my merry way, then, for further adventures. yes, sure, any of interest (even if that interest is to me alone) shall surely and most decidedly be covered here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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