Tuesday, August 01, 2017

shiny shampoo


a little while ago, as recently as May, look you see (which is said May (2017) by the commonly agreed new Kasabian standard), i wrote a little piece on some new shampoo what i invested in. the lure and appeal of that shampoo was, well, let us be honest and say it was cheap. but other than that the appeal was that it offered to hydrate my hair; doing so in a mystical way that you would assume as being even better than just adding water to it.

with some delight, and in a rare move of me following up the promise of comment after using it, i can say it worked out ever so well. yes it was cheap, but it did a boss, totes top notch job of washing my hair. i am happy with all that it did, which is all that i asked - wash my every increasingly long hair. since for some reason i have decided to grow it long. mid-life crisis, possibly. i would do well if now i am just at the half way mark.

so with my hair presumably hydrated now is the time to move on to other things to do with it. this, i have established, involves making it shine, or be all shiny.

there is, you would think, only a finite level of hydration which hair requires. if one were to go full tilt hydration all the time then surely the conclusion would be persistently wet hair, and that would not look so good walking around, out and about. especially, but not conditionally, since it is now summer or something like that.

as the hydration process might be an easier path to take than shiny i elected to purchase two bottles. the provenance is not something i can recall exactly. i am, however, quietly confident that one bottle was bought off of Poundland for £1, whereas the other was bought on special or on offer or off of the reduced to clear shelf at Tesco; cost being either £1 or south of £1 as it is unlikely i would spend any more. no, i spend extravagant sums on the fancy shampoo my (considerably) better half uses; for me it's the case that much of anything that takes my fancy shall suffice.

whereas the above Commodore 64 mode with scan lines most agreeably on will be sufficient for most of you a certain number would no doubt appreciate a "normal" mode picture of these two new bottles of shampoo which promise shine. here you go.

making hair must be the "in" thing this season, you would think. that is the only reason i can consider as being viable as to why differing hair care and cleaning product manufacturers have come to the market with shampoo that promises so.

an interesting debate is which of these i should use first. no, it isn't, really. i will use them as they appear here. this i say on the basis that it makes sense to go all "repair and shine" first, just on the off chance that my hair needs some repair (yes, probably), and then when that is done i can round the whole thing of by bringing a "stunning shine" to it.

is it normal or usual for boys of the gent variety to faff on and write, indeed consider, the subject of shampoo so much as i do? well, if you are all reading this, then yes, i suppose so. as usual i feel compelled to remind you that i am, for the most part, guided by one off the cuff remark what Jason Donovan made in an interview in the 80s. he said that he used shampoo what had lemon in it, and so i have done the same ever since. well, lemon or similar citrus based supplement, as shampoo with lemon in it alone seems quite the rarity these days. no, we live in an enlightened time of "blended" shampoo, so it's always lemon + something else what Jason Donovan never mentioned in that interview. at least not so far as i can recall.

yes i have been living on the edge, as it were, lately in that on instances i've cracked open the Brut deodorant on a morning. this i do when i am feeling particularly saucy, and so wish to draw the attention of all who pass to my sexualist magnitude. true, though, in achieving this Brut is no Hai Karate or Blue Stratos. i only have some Brut, alas, so that will have to suffice.

actually some provisional research says that i could purchase some Hai Karate for south of £5. admittedly not too far south of £5, but still. in geographical terms, should you have a map handy (that google map thing will do) a good comparison is probably as far south under £5 as, say, walter's ash is south of princes risborough. so sort of 13p, 13 miles thing, if we measure distances south as 1p a mile i suppose.

it would seem i got distracted there. no i have not used this shampoo as yet as such but yes i will do soon, for my hydrating one is all but done. should it be a success, or particularly memorable, or i am short of something else to write then i will comment here. you would, however, really think that the ideal scenario would be that it's so awesome at making my hair shiny that this radiates through any selfies i post here.

and selfies usually are the only form of picture of me to feature here in the present sense. why, for what reason, would anyone else wish to waste time taking a picture of me? at times like this i truly do miss Trigger, my personal photographer for many a fine year.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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