Saturday, October 15, 2016

this is a functional item


i was out shopping earlier today, as i am so prone to do from time to time. well, don't we all?

if you're assuming that this post is to focus on something that i found whilst out shopping, you would indeed be correct in that assumption, look you see. i would, however, like to think that my most splendid find of the day today is of interest to a wider audience than usual.

oh yes indeed. if they look like Justin Bieber branded emery boards, that would be because they are as such and ha ha, nice one Blogger and Google - whereas Brexit flies through their spell checker thingie it assures me that there is no such word as Bieber.

am i one of them sort of people that gets called a, and let me check the spelling here myself, "Belieber"? kind of, in the sense of aren't we all? with One Direction apparently on an extended hiatus and all that Bros business only happening next year, one does need some sort of teen pop idol in their world, if only to reference in passing so that they may show themselves to be hip, with it and trendy.

what's that picture of? some fish that Spiros found to be quite exciting. he sent it on to me and i am not at all sure why, so i thought i had best put it here. he does like to use musings on my blog as a random code or means of contact for certain parties from time to time.

actually, looking at it, i think it's all do to the rainbow. from what i remember of a conversation he had with me, or at least attempted to as i wasn't really paying attention, from time to time when he wishes to meet a fellow gent for a short term yet mutually beneficial friendship, a rainbow is a sort of sign that chaps may use to indicate their willingness to do likewise. it all sounds like a forerunner to this current "tube chat" badge endeavour, which i gather has been a spectacular success.

back to the emery boards then, or if you prefer and you will indulge a little joke, back to Bieber. ha ha ha ha.indeed, see what i did with the literation or whatever there.

the branding of the emery boards themselves, as you can pretty much see above, gives every suggestion of indication that this product, or if you will products, are aimed all but exclusively at the lady type of girl customer. phrases such as "Bieber's Girl" and "Future Mrs Bieber" all suggest a lady is intended to use these, and is at odds with the current drive for absolutely nothing to be sexist or gender specific any more.

as you can see, the packaging makes it clear that these are very much real emery boards, in as far as it states that this is a functional item and not a toy.

will i, despite not being a lady of the girl variety (and f*** off Spiros before you say i am), be making use of these smart emery boards? yes, i suppose so, as and when i feel the need to emery my nails a bit.

it is quite peculiar that not more musicians endorse or otherwise licence their likeness to nail care products, i think. the whole think looks like a perfectly natural and valid marketing area to exploit. bravo to young Justin for grabbing this opportunity, i say.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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