Wednesday, October 19, 2016

the good man who walked amongst us

dear friends and family around the world

whilst i'm always happy to share fun and interesting times had by my family and i (when they let me tag along) the general rule is, look you see, that i shy away from any more serious matters.

with this post i am torn between wishing to want a respect for privacy and having a sense of duty to let those who know me around the world know of our sad news. there are not too many words for me to add as such, just relaying the formal announcement in the press today.....

i shall miss my Gramps very much indeed. all of us shall. we are coping with what's happened and coming to terms with it, but now is not the time for much in the way of words from me.

thank you Dad for the wonderful picture sent along.

more words one day, maybe, but for now i just wanted to let those who had the pleasure of knowing this quite remarkable gentleman know the sad news.


be excellent to each other.

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