Wednesday, October 26, 2016

the wind will crack in wintertime

hello there

not too much, look you see. i've just dabbled with some sort of "app" for this fancy new phone of mine and so felt a need to show it off here.

no, despite the pressure and encouragement to do so, no i have not installed one of them "social" apps. no tinder, twerker, grinder or that sort of thing for me, thank you very much. instead i have installed one of them camera application things that takes the camera mode back to the golden age of computer technology.

the rather smart Commodore 64 ones i have on Apple products have been showcased extensively on this blog. the new one i got - Bitzah it says it is called - allows one to take pictures in the style of other, somewhat lesser, systems. well, not all of them are lesser......

if the above looks like four pre-Joshua Tree albums off of U2 with a smart Lager of Lamot bar towel in the background taken in Commodore VIC 20 mode, then that would be right, for it is.

man, i absolutely loved my VIC 20. there was a boss Dracula adventure game i had on it and all sorts. top machine, it was, and served me very well indeed.

a selfie in VIC 20 mode? sure, why not.

yeah, i think maybe i could have done with a bit better light source placement, or something.

any drawbacks or problems with Bitzah? sure. you can't rotate the camera view, so you are unable to use the one that faces you at the top of the screen. old school selfie time then.

but hey, you don't want me, you want more looks at U2 in 80s and early 90s computer form.

that's the same scenario as above, then, only this is, it says, Sinclair ZX Spectrum mode. it must have been some special, secret, no one ever got to use version of the Spectrum as i do not recall ever seeing anything this cool on the one my brother had.

can this app do the much loved Nintendo Gameboy, it being pretty much the first portable / handheld game device that you could change games on? it surely can.

yeah, first generation Gameboy it can do - the one that was, as you can pretty much see here, all green all of the time. still, smart machine it was. mine's actually still a going concern, the boys quite like having a go with it every now and then.

more Japanese based vintage computer and game system imagery featuring U2? absolutely. here is what the Bitzah reckons is a likeness of the NES

quite smart that is, and a mode i might use on a fairly frequent basis. if i remember that i have the app on my phone.

from what i remember, NES stood for Nintendo Entertainment System. funky it was, what with all them Super Amazing Mario World games.

OK yes, the Bitzah app thing does indeed do Commodore 64 mode, or at the least what it claims is. the thing would not, after all, have been downloaded and installed if it didn't.

yes, quite. i will be honest and say that i much prefer how the Commodore 64 mode works on the Apple thing i have rather than this. but hey, still, it's Commodore 64 so it must be cool.

the U2 albums once more, but in superior Commodore 64 mode? but of course.

that would, i believe, you all be bang up to date with what U2 albums i have been listening to of late, and indeed you all having as many selfies of moi, for one would not take a selfie of anyone else, as you could possibly require in some sort of emergency.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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