Saturday, October 29, 2016

bizarre burger claim

hello there

this post is, look you see, somewhat later than i had planned to do it. whilst it's the case that all posts i do here are read after i've done them, this one was nearly lost. it features the last images what i took with my blackberry phone before that phone elected to be one that no longer worked.

a couple of weeks ago i was out as part of a family sojourn sort of thing. it was to stock up on all things Halloween costume. no, we didn't get any of them wigs off of Pound Land that are apparently a fire risk, but thank you for asking.

during this adventure, hunger took a hold of us around about lunch time, as one would reasonably expect it to. we were in quite, if not reasonable, proximity to a branch of McDonald's, and so off we went there to eat. as we noted that their "world burger of the week" was the South African, or if like Serth Efrijen, one, James and i ordered it. well, one each.

that is indeed an image of the box, or if you like packaging, that the burger came in. it does indeed show off all three of the many different "burgers of the world" what they are doing, or did, as part of their promotion.

those of, from or have been to South Africa will have probably immediately identified the major problem - fault, even - with what they have done. it's also something which i suspect i have mentioned here in the past when they have had this promo on before. we shall get to that later, but if you want to have a guess without scrolling down feel free to.

in the mean time, then, if you will allow it, behold - the last ever picture what i took with my Blackberry.

indeed it is one of them selfie things, and indeed i am stood in Morrisons. i got confused between my (considerably) better half and a dear friend in South Africa, with the latter being most confused by a message informing her that i had made it to Morrisons OK. this led to an impromptu conversation and i figured why not send a picture showing off where i was. and yes i did inform my (considerably) better half where i was, eventually.

The Doors were all LA or San Francisco based, man. west coast America if you like. if they weren't, and were instead off of somewhere like Plymouth or Devon here in the UK, firstly they probably wouldn't have been as cool and secondly they probably would have done the cover for that one album in a branch of Morrisons rather than in the Morrison Hotel. maybe.

anyway, back to the burger. did you spot what the fault or folly was? yes, well done. no matter what McDonald's UK thinks, for neither love nor money would one be able to actually buy this particular burger in McDonald's SA, for it has bacon in it. 

in South Africa, to be sure, McDonald's, along with KFC and the i believe recently launched Burger King, are owned by Muslim or if you like Islamic investors or other such consortium. this means that there are no bacon, or pork for that matter, items on any of the respective menus. when i left South Africa the only two places one could order bacon related items in a burger form were Steers, Bimbos (if that still even exists) and Wimpy, which yes still runs there with that name. so, effectively, McDonald's UK are advertising their SA rivals, although my (considerably) better half disputes that the cheese used in this burger could even be found in the land.

some people of course get all worked up about the amended menu offered by McDonald's in SA. i did exactly this with KFC, when the proper "double down" was not available due to the absence of bacon on the menu. but hey, the owners bought the rights and the companies sold them without question.

until the next random observation, then,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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