Friday, October 21, 2016

choke on the cotton clouds

howdy pop pickers

well, well, look you see, a "locked in" sure win for the great Glastonbury guessing game proved to be incorrect. The Stone Roses, despite my comments earlier, are not playing Sunday or any day. someone off of the Eavis family has taken a time out to say neither they nor them theoretical Frenchies in helmets will appear in 2017.

saying it was an incorrect guess, however, seems to be not entirely accurate.......

word has it that The Stone Roses very much were lined up, and a verbal agreement in principle was all in place. and then along comes Isle of Wight festival, waving an offer of double the money and control over broadcast rights if The Stone Roses would be so kind as to make their appearance at their shindig done so on an exclusive basis.

money talks, ladies and gentlemen. whereas not all artists and musicians are as blatant as it as is the case with, say, Noel Gallagher, it's the reason they do it. when a musician - any musician - claims they are doing it "for the fans", it's on the tacit understanding that the fans will pay for it.

an interesting part of all of this is that, i think, the Eavis family have now issued as many denials of The Stone Roses playing the festival in the 2010s as John Squire issued denials that the band were to get back together in the 2000s. who knows what the 2020s will bring, then, other than perfect vision.

not having The Stone Roses simply robs Glastonbury of being the festival it thinks it is and likes to project itself as being. it shall remain all one big commercial corporate venture, then, with some nice, with it window dressing in the form of token gestures towards Amnesty International, Greenpeace, etc.

hey ho, nice one for whoever gets booked then, and hopefully it's someone that all them what have bought tickets will like.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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