Wednesday, October 12, 2016

mostly mugs

ow do

if there was ever a case of me writing purely for the appreciated distraction value of doing so then this, look you see, this is so very much it. even the most passing of interest is, i suspect, going to be all the more accidental than usual, but one never knows. i just sort of throw all this out there, and wherever it may land so be it. but, if landing is happy, good.

the selection of something reasonably neutral to write about under the circumstances, or if you like circumstantially, brought me to mugs. i know that my array of mugs has over the year generated some interest here - if that continues here, well then so much the better.

the above would be our variant of "his n her" mugs, or indeed her and his ones, going on the order in which they appear. indeed they are Mr Men branded mugs.  are they particularly reflective of our traits and qualities? kind of. the one which is for my (considerably) better half is most decidedly purple, which is a colour that she has a preference for. also yes, from time to time she can be a bit naughty, i write thinking of certain newspaper related events and, indeed, a distressed petrol tanker driver.

mine? well, who isn't grumpy from time to time, i suppose. it would be quite flattering of my skills at grumpiness to say i should be so closely associated with the term, but also this mug was quite cheap. 99p, from what i remember, off of Tesco.

Pound World, as opposed to my usual Pound Land, is having a rich run of items which seem quite determined to secure my account on a more permanent basis than simply those occasions where time says that i must use them due to their proximity. here is a detail of the latest offering from them in this regard.

indeed it is a mug emblazoned, or branded, with that whole Game Of Thrones thing. no, there are no spelling errors on it that i have detected. quite surprising to see this branding going so cheap; normally an item licenced from this show costs around £10 as a starter.

a closer look at that later, but for now a treat for philately fans, in particular those who like the rudimentary processes followed by postal agencies decidedly south of the equator. or north, you know, if we've got which way around the world is all wrong. and sometimes i think we do.

that's some franked stamps right off of New Zealand, that is above. i quite like the effort they put into both the colourful stamps and the franking of sent items.

what's one of the best things you can drink out of a mug such as the ones shown here? well, that old gem of the English way of doing things dictates that it is builder's tea.

builder's tea is the name given to the tea preferred by tradesmen and other professionals. essentially it is tea brewed with a teabag in the mug, with manly, meant for men full cream milk in it, along with at least two teaspoons of hardcore sugar in it. this is not a drink for the weak or the cowardly, my friends.

yeah, that there is another look at the one Game Of Thrones mug what i got off of Pound World. the other just has Game Of Thrones written on it. this one has the "house colours" or logo, and i think motto, of them lot that here with the massive dragons is off. Targeranyainomochi or something like that. oh i see it says Targaryen on it, looking at the picture below.

but surely, you may well pose, the initial picture of Mr Men or if you like Mr Men and Little Miss mugs are not the limit of mugs what we have branded as such. no, they are not. here you go, along with a gander at that other dragon one. 

that rather smart - excellent, indeed - Mr Bump mug is off of New Zealand. i believe my sister selected it and my Mum transported it from me. as i am, and have been, somewhat accident prone, i would say that this is likely to be the Mr Men i would be most closely associated with in terms of characteristics.

anyway, with that out of my system, something of a break from writing i think. maybe. bet you i am back here on if not before the weekend.

until then, then,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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