Sunday, October 09, 2016

Boba Wrap

hello people

quite recently - as opposed to some unspecified date in the future, which would render this a fiction - i was tempted by yet more Boba Fett branded merchandise. this one did test my resolve in respect of throwing money at the character some, but my dedication did in fact win out.

yes. not one, not three and certainly not four, but two packets of "gift wrap", or if you like wrapping paper, emblazoned with Boba Fett off of Star Wars, along with other, lesser, minor characters.

i know that a fair few of you would like a closer look at Boba Fett as he appears on this wrapping paper without the distraction of the lesser, minor characters. here you go, then, a fairly distraction free look at this, the most latest appearance of the character on something i have bought. 

speaking of bought, just how much did i splash in respect of cash in the direction of Disney this time? 99p per packet of two sheets and two gift tags, representing an overall investment of £1.98, or if you like just 2p south of £2.

i purchased these packs as a direct consequence of them being reduced in price, as well as the obvious presence of Boba. they were marked as being £1.50 as a standard, so that's a 51p saving i made per packet. per packet of wrapping paper that, truth be told, i didn't particularly need or require.

that's one of the sheets unfolded for you. a "for scale" image, including an item which one might wrap in this paper, will be coming along later on in this blog. as in i did not do it earlier, so don't you be scrolling up looking for it, for it is not there.

it's not like having extra wrapping paper within the home is ever a waste, by the way. we have something of a stream of requirement for wrapping up gifts, presents and so forth. friends and family have birthdays, and it's always nice - when possible - to send a gift. so yeah, anyone who gets a present off of me in this wrapping and happens to have read this will know, more or less, what i spent on the paper.

a look at the Boba Fett segment of the paper in Commodore 64 mode? of course.

if one were going to give someone a gift what was wrapped in Star Wars paper it would make some semblance of sense to make that gift very much a Star Wars related item of merchandise. that, or a Star Trek something, just to cause mirth and pull a joke or prank that no one has probably every pulled before. to this end, then, at least the former rather than the latter, here's a boss Star Wars related gift for use with this wrapping paper.

yes, The Phantom Menace 2 DVD set. there is more or less universal agreement - both in respect of Star Wars and virtually all other film series or if you like franchises, that the first one is always the best. with this one being called Episode I, then, surely this must be the film that most if not all fans consider to be the best.

by my reckoning you could, with some tight margins, wrap four copies of The Phantom Menace up with each sheet of paper, so with two packets in each pack you could send about eight copies to people. this would for the most part make their world all the better, as they would be entertained by a fine film. two of them would be even more entertained than six, as they would also have one of the two tags that came with the set of wrapping paper.

it is indeed frustrating that they only give you two tags to use for gifts wrapped in the paper. i think the intention is that you use one sheet per gift, which would as i have illustrated above quite wasteful. if you were using this paper to wrap and give something that would normally need even less paper - a pen, for example, or similar sized item of stationery - you'd end up with many gifts to give an yet so few tags to announce them with.

the use of a minor, mostly background irrelevance character like Darth Vader is also annoying. why not put Boba Fett on this part, to make whatever gift you give look all the more awesome?

anyway, it's highly likely that even more Boba Fett stuff will be waved at me with a view to a parting of the coins of money in the near future. when that happens, no doubt i will feel a need to share such here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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