Tuesday, October 04, 2016

the fiver from nottingham

hello there

such is the rather colour by numbers nature of my life at moments that i do, look you see, get all enthusiastic and excited as and when something different from the norm, or if you like abnormal, happens. little can, in this respect, compare to the thrill when i get a secret bit of code passed to me via the conduit of them being written on bank notes, or if you like money.

i think within the last year or so there was an incident where a special, secret code was passed on to me by it being scribbled on a bank note. i don't recall when, and i am not inclined to search. let's, in a very yolo way, live for the moment, then, and worry about what i have in the here and now.

it was quite exciting when i was handed this note, it coming as part of change for some concern that i had purchased. no, it didn't come off of a cash machine or atm; for these days they only issue the new £5 note so as they may reach circulation.

my first thought when i saw this, as i am sure was the case for you, was that i had walked into Swordfish, that most excellent documentary about how the American venture capitalist system works. and works it indeed does, going on the exciting life civil servants within certain divisions of the American political system have.

the second thought i had was that it looked, at a glance, like it was probably a car registration number. perhaps the buyer of the car with that registration had jotted the licence plate number down on each note they had paid for the car with, so as to give conclusive proof that they had purchased.

what's that picture above? it's one of them 'Boris Bike' things off of London. a rider had abandoned it in the bush, or if you like hedge, near where Spiros lives. which is quite interesting, as from what i recall there is no standard parking space for these bikes near his residence, and to my knowledge one must park it proper in order for one to retrieve their debit or credit card back off of it.

Spiros did something quite interesting with the bike. he phone TfL and reported it, so they may collect it and make use of it again, which they did. this baffled, if not perplexed, TfL some. the gentleman who came to retrieve it said that it was the first time someone had actually reported one, as normally when people find them they take them to some dodgy lock up under the arches, get it cut and spray painted and claim it as their own. also, when TfL find them of their own accord in hedges and the like, normally all that can be stripped of it - in particular the wheels - has been stripped.

it is now the case that Spiros knows precisely what to do when he next finds such a vehicle. and it is quite unlikely to involve either authorities or telephones.

what's that picture above? nothing to do with TfL, although you'd rather fancy they would have something like that if they could get away with it, if only to give their talented drivers something new to threaten a strike about.

the above is, as point of fact, the Aotea Maerske, ostensibly the largest ever most massive container ship that the world has ever seen. it recently had reason to dock near where my Mum & Dad are in New Zealand, with that reason being that the port there is the only one capable of accepting a vessel of this size. 11,000 containers on it, give or take, i believe. which makes you wonder what it is that the people of New Zealand are so short of.

anyway, back to the mystery of the encoded message passed on to me via an old school style classical fiver.

further thinking on the subject led me to conclude that this was in fact probably a post code. a quick google search on the subject showed that, yes, NG5 6QR is indeed a recognized post code, in Nottingham, no less. it's quite remarkable, then, to think that this fiver had come all the way from Nottingham to here, and ended up in my custody. briefly, as i have since spent it.

if the people of Nottingham are, for some reason, of the opinion that we are all poor and destitute up here, and this fiver was the first of a raft of donations, then let me not stop them. send more, Nottingham, your donations are welcome and appreciated.

post codes are amazing, man. once, i am not sure now, it was the case that there was only one post code applicable to 15 or 20 houses. that was how come Royal Mail was so brilliant and effective at delivering mail. now, of course, they have a "whenever, wherever" approach to deliveries. you really might as well just put HEY 4Q2 as the post code for everything you send, for all the difference it makes to where it gets delivered.

anyway, that's that for now.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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