Thursday, August 04, 2016

throwback thursday

hello people

is it, i wonder, now in vogue or fashion, to get nostalgic for and enforce a revival of social media trends from as long ago as last year? i understand that we live in a world where all is rendered readily disposable, look you see, but it strikes me as no one does a "throwback thursday" any more, whereas once it was do it or die. well, maybe not die, but certainly be disgraced. or, you know, just kind of get on with your life.

i am neither sure nor convinced that, well, that one has to say sure or convinced, as presumably one negates the requirement of the other, but mostly i don't think i ever did one of them "throwback thursday" things. i know i did highlight when him off of Duran, Simon whatever, milked how he stole my style for his own promotion, but i have learned to let that slide.

to be honest, i doubt that i would have engaged in such an action either, had it not been for Olivia forwarding my way some images that fit the idea of a throwback and today just so happening to be a thursday.

that is indeed i with Olivia's Mum, although Olivia did not give me explicit permission to mention her or any of her relatives, so i won't. ditto the dogs too, one would presume.

erm, yeah. them glasses frames of mine make sense, as they are quite boss, smart Morrissey sort of things that were reasonably acceptable in the 90s, not like today where there is an expectation for glasses to have as little of a frame as possible. just what look and effect i was attempting to reach with my hair, however, is baffling to me.

if you're quite interested in my hair, then you just go ahead and interpret the style however you want, and whatever reason or explanation you can think of for what i might be doing is just great.

a further throwback on this thursday is that above picture there. that's the front of a mix tape that i made for Olivia, who i am not sure i can mention here. indeed, yes, that's a tracklisting on the cover i made by typing it on a typewriter and cutting it out for her.

i note with interest that, some 20 years ago (crikey), i was in a "caps lock" phase, where now i am all about lower case. you can't use caps lock in this day and age. if you type things in capital letters here and now, right, that's considered worse than if you ran around saying you didn't like black people or gays in the eyes of some.

why is it called David Bowie Sexes It Up? if you are asking that, i'm going to go right ahead and assume that you've not actually ever heard the music of David Bowie. sexing it up is what David Bowie doe......did :(

Olivia informs me that her Mum recalls me instructing her that she must refer to David Bowie as "Mr Bowie". i'd have to be honest and say i don't remember doing that, but i could absolutely accept the allegation that i did as pure fact, such an odious, pompus little big twat i have been and can be from time to time.

abiding and fond memories of Olivia's Mum? every single one of them, and all time with their wonderful family. one thing i would share, that i shall recall forever, is that Olivia's Mum once went in not just a Durango 95, but the Durango 95 - the one used in Stanley Kubrick's film of A Clockwork Orange. which, you know, if it was not the case already makes Olivia's Mum cooler than any of us reading this. unless, of course, Malcolm McDowell is reading. and you never know, i've had famed readers in the past.....

onwards, then; the future beckons.........

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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