Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Stranger Things


so, then. i did it. i caved in, gave up, gave in, sold out, or what have you. as much as i might prefer shiny, physical discs to all of this "streaming" business, i went right ahead and signed up for all of that Net Flix (or Nit Flux if New Zealand) thing.

for what reason would i do such a thing? well, as we shall get to in just a little while here, we, which is to say my (considerably) better half and i, kept getting strong recommendations, appeals, urges suggestions and so forth about watching this new series what they have, Stranger Things. i can tell you right now, however, that this urging was totes worth it - if you are in a hurry to go, then yes, if you've been holding out on all things Net Flix like i had been, Stranger Things makes it make sense to get it.

why exactly did i have little or no interest in Net Flix or similar? i've been somewhat dubious about a source of entertainment that relies on factors such as internet connectivity, and indeed a source where stuff is "licensed", so you might find something you want to watch on it has gone. i've just always figured that having the discs of stuff simplified matters.

up to now the "Net Flix originals" have not really appealed either. i mean, i know their take on House Of Cards has had all sorts of rave reviews, but i'm very much of a mind that the bbc original of that was fine, thanks. and then along came all the recommendations and what have you for Stranger Things.

oh indeed, for those able to enable video when having a gander on their device of choice, that's an excerpt or if you like snippet off of the theme music. theme music that is on the soundtrack that i bought, as it's all that smart, it is, to be sure.

spoiler free review? Stranger Things is a 1983 set mystery / suspense / sci-fi / horror affair concerning the story of a boy who goes missing and is, to everyone but the mother (Winona Ryder) presumed dead. then stranger things happen....

the best way i can describe it is as the greatest work ever inspired by the way Stephen King told stories in his prime without actually being Stephen King. and i am not talking homage or "rip off"; i'm talking Stephen King must have seen this and gone "damn, how did i not do this story myself".

whilst i understand that the premise and the nature of the show means that it's not for everyone, the press and media are spot on saying that this show, of all of their original content, is surely the "breakthrough" one or gamechanger for Net Flix. under reports of a falling subscription base, this series has got people like me, who had no interest in what they did, being very happy to hand them coins of money.

in terms of selling and promoting this series they've taken the approach of pitching it all as being a Winona Ryder vehicle. i get that, and indeed she is truly exceptional in it. they are, however, selling themselves way short with this. each and every cast member delivers an outstanding performance. this is particularly true of the kids (and indeed teens) cast in the film. a personal favourite, however, would be David Harbour.

helping out these performance is the superb writing. cast aside are the standard stereotypes; virtually all characters have depth and development not usually afforded to such series.

is there any fault with Stranger Things? just one. in one scene, set during the summer of 1983, there's a reference to The Smiths being on a mix tape. whilst not impossible if it was after August, i somehow doubt that this would have been the case in a smaller sort of small town in the USA. but, other than that, everything felt absolutely perfect. 

for those wondering - and i will make this spoiler-free - yes, they are, thankfully, making a second series of Stranger Things i believe, but this is all very much self contained. you get a satisfactory conclusion, and the way the door is left open for more is not heavy handed or frustrating.

as for Net Flix, well, in truth if i had known just how much kids stuff was on it i would have got it for the boys a long time ago. also, it's kind of boss being able to make Return Of The Living Dead come up on my TV at random.

so, yeah, you've probably been told before reading this, Stranger Things is indeed excellent, and yes it is worth getting Net Flix for, if like me you're not a present or incumbent user.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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