Sunday, August 14, 2016


greetings viewer

not too much, look you see. i wanted to share some smart music here, but in order to do that i am obliged to create a video to go with it. to do that, then, i went to the source material from where i first heard the music to extract images for you.

yes, as you will have worked out from the above screenshot, this is a return to one of my most dearly loved films of all time, Body Double. those of you in the know will, of course, have worked that out from the title of this post, for what else could telescope refer to other than the signature piece of music from this fine, fine motion picture?

telescope is the official and original name for the wonderful piece of music which plays as the ostensible protagonist of the film first gazes across the view afforded to him by the device of the title. as the years have gone by, however, it's become more common to simply refer to it as body double, for most just assume it's the title music.

anyway, here's a video with some (very carefully) selected stills off of the film, with some fancy special effects thrown in every now and then.

it's just a piece of music i have always loved and, so long as i have either ears or the ability to dream music in some form of deafness, one that i shall always love. it's just quite enchanting, mesmerizing, seductive and just a trifle saucy in implication.

it would probably be fair to say that what i am, all who i be, was somewhat influenced by (repeat) exposure to Body Double at a young and impressionable age. exposure very much of free will, let it be said. it's not a film for all tastes, but it does the job for me.

anyway, if nothing else, hope you enjoy the music. should, of course, you be watching this on a device which allows for music to be played. video, not music, but you know what i mean.

go on, you like to watch.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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