Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tesco exploitation of Barbs fans horror shock

hello there

it is always a sad day when i am compelled, look you see, to be critical of a grocer or other form of retailer that i am particularly partial to or fond of. sadly my favouritism means that i cannot remain silent, and so i am calling out Tesco on their wilful, opportunistic efforts in the exploitation of Barbs fans.

her eminence, Barbara Streisand, has a new album out, Encore. this you hardly need have me tell you, for all of Barbs' movements are very well known by all. as this is probably going to be the very best album of the year this year, i had a bit of a gander for it at Tesco. i was disappointed at what i saw.

yes, sadly, what you see above you is true. not only are Tesco being disrespectful in saying that Barbs is number two this week, they are also selling the standard edition for £10, whereas everyone else is selling the deluxe version, resplendent with a pink cover and four extra tracks, for this fee. Tesco are aiming to rob enthusiastic Barbs clients of 4 songs and more pink, then.

no,then, i've not bought this, presumably the best album of 2016, yet. it is - tsk - cheaper at this stage to do so online, although i might well go and have a gander at HMV, see what they are selling it for. or, as with her last greatest album, Partners, give it a few months and watch for it cropping up in "2 for £10" sections of various shops.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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