Thursday, August 11, 2016


who is and who isn't

actually, other than a not as obscure as you might think Stone Roses reference as a greeting, that statement is pretty much a valid question for any number of 4,999 specific people out there. it all relates to an email i got today, look you see.....

so an email pops up in my account with the title Your recent order for The Stone Roses - Beautiful Thing Vinyl Single. attention grabbed somewhat. what could it be? a survey? a warning that there's been some sort of misprint? a polite but ultimately likely to be declined request to send it back? weirdly, the last two form part of the answer. but have a gander......

as i said up there in the title, seriously? someone has gone to the trouble of complaining that more copies of a song off of The Stone Roses was made? what sort of twat would do that?

it's admirable that the distributor has 'fessed up to all of this, but quite baffling that they have gone right ahead and offered a refund to anyone disappointed by the situation. as in, no, they are not getting my copy back for love nor money, whether they made 5000 copies of it, 6000 copies of it or a million. if life pans out the way i want it to, i'll be getting buried with my copy, thanks.

why would you return it on the basis that 1000 extra copies, presumably not numbered like ours in the UK, were made and sold to fellow fans around the world? if anything, if you're all that upset about it, i would have thought there's a significant market out there of people who will buy it for somewhere north of the face value price.

i'd not advocate taking away the right of people to complain, ever, about anything they feel has brought them displeasure, but it's got me stumped, this one has.

anyway, dig what you dig................................

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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