Tuesday, August 23, 2016

the return of the other special one


i know, i know. i know that, look you see, the biggest story of the day has turned out to be the man who would establish a new politburo rather shamelessly faking being on an overcrowded train in order to strengthen the case for the renationalisation of the railways. quite strange, since the case is strong already, and even stranger that no one is asking why the oh so "right on" Guardian newspaper decided to run the story without checking facts. but before that there was another big story of the day.

the moment that Sam Allardyce, lovingly known a Big Fat Sam, was crowned England manager, there was something of a sense of resignation that this would be all "jobs for the boys", and that future England squads would be made up of players favoured by the press. what not many expected, though, would be that this approach would extend to that class act who has the peerless record of being stripped of the England captaincy in disgrace twice; a status unlikely to be challenged any time soon.

yes, folks, there is speculation that Sam will recall the ambassador himself, Mr Chelsea in personification, the legend that is John Terry. rather surprisingly, quite a few people are very upset at the idea of this rare talent being selected as one of the best eleven what England has to offer.

but of course that all relates to his "minor racism" case. an but of course apologists, particularly in the press and media who seem to love that special JT magic, have rushed to say that it was only the FA who found him guilty of racism, and say that he was "completely cleared in a court of law". yes, quite.

this idea that John Terry was "completely cleared" by a court of law is a magnificent piece of PR gush which Terry and his PR people have regurgitated so frequently that it is widely accepted as true. it is not. John Terry was found not guilty by default, for some doubt existed in the case. by any standard, being found "not guilty due to an element of doubt" does not equal "completely cleared".

if you are bored, or wish to check the veracity of my words, the official judgement can be found right here by clicking these words. few, if any, of the journalists and radio presenters so excited to see JT back in an England shirt have read it, so don't feel bad if you don't.

do i think John Terry should be back in the England squad? not really. he was a fantastic player in his day, but came with some remarkable, breathtaking baggage. in a very real sense, though, it's all academic. the Sam model of England football will see Joe Hart (or similar) hoofing the ball towards the heads of Andy Carroll and Peter Crouch, or any other talented England player who happens to be really, really tall. the other eight players on the pitch are entirely superfluous to the way we shall "play", so in theory any eight could be picked.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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