Monday, August 22, 2016

the Adam Clayton condition

hello there

the unexpected ways of life events can, look you see, be quite interesting and peculiar. often, at the least, this all happens in something akin to a good way. there are also some bad ones, it's true, and there are one or two incidents that you simply don't know how to take. it is the latter, i suspect, which is relevant here, as we have a look at the proclivity of people what are called Adam Clayton to show off their wares, or if you like their genitals.

had someone in, let's say the 80s, come up to me and said "how many different sets of male genitalia belonging to people called Adam Clayton do you expect to see in your lifetime", my answer would have been that i would hope none, but allowed for the margin that an (ahem) actor in the more adult orientated section of movie making might have that name. as things have turned out i can say, proudly perhaps, that i have now seen two such instances, and neither within the realm of erotica.

let's start with the present, or if you like the most recent, pedantic fans. over the course of the weekend it just so happened that trophy winning Middlesbrough absolutely spannered relegation threatened (their manager's words, not mine) Sunderland. whilst i appreciate that beating Sunderland at football is rather akin to shooting a one legged dog that has heart problems, you can only spanner the team put in front of you, and so the glorious, worshipped and celebrated Boro team posed for a celebratory picture.

the above is courtesy of the Mirror newspaper; a tabloid that i believe it is marginally socially acceptable to quote from. yes, indeed that is the current Adam Clayton censored, and indeed the Mirror has the uncensored pictured. i am not sharing it here, but i can give you this link if you are that interested.

this all happened a mere 25 (!) or so years after the other, previously better known Adam Clayton elected to show off his, so to speak, wares to the world via the conduit of the cover of the Acthung Baby album by his merry band U2.

as it happens, the 20th anniversary edition of the album features a censored version of the picture, which you can find below. the original issue, which is fairly easy to find online and in shops, does feature the full other Adam Clayton, if you are interested.

just how likely it is that i shall see the proverbial meat and two veg of a third Adam Clayton is something that i would really not wish to speculate on. i mean, i thought one was more than enough, with now two making me certain that this is enough. but, well, who knows what will come along next.

should you be called Adam Clayton and not be either a professional bass player or a loosely dressed footballer of quality (Boro only sign the best) and happen to be wondering "is there any global interest in seeing what i've got in me pants", the answer would seem to be decidedly yes. good luck to you, and i hope that career move works out.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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