Sunday, August 14, 2016

further painty doodles


a pleasant update for those who are enamoured with the artistic, painty doodles ways of my (considerably) better half, then. she has, look you see, been inspired once more to produce a painting on behalf of someone. this is a painting that, as far as i am concerned, i am allowed to show off here. in particular as i partially helped with its creation.....

tadaah, so to speak. one can only hope that you quite like it as much as we do, and indeed the recipient. as it's a painting which my (considerably) better half has worked on for quite some time, we've both gotten used to it being around the house. now that it has gone, we do somewhat miss it......

as with previous painty doodle exploits, my (considerably) better half has kept a step by step series of pictures of the development of this picture. to this extent, then, here's an early one, in which you can, so to speak, see the wood for the trees indeed.

as regular readers will know, i have virtually no talent whatsoever, artistic or otherwise, but i trust these stage images give those of you with some plenty of interest. should these pictures be the sort of thing you like to look at, i would encourage you to go have a gander at the stage by stage images of the magnificent Bowie portrait which my (considerably) better half created for me.

if, as i so rightly state, i have no talent whatsoever, then just what is it that i think i did which in some way contributed to this painting? other than buying the canvas, i bought the paint. or paints.

quite specifically, i bought several shades of blue paint at the behest, if not request, of my (considerably) better half, as she sought get the absolute right one to use, both in itself and as part of some magnificent created of blended purple.

yes, indeed i would have just gone right ahead and bought a purple paint rather than faff on and try to make a specific shade. that's probably why few, if any, of my paintings are on display around the world.

the benefit of the approach of my (considerably) better half? well, other than the picture looking precisely as she wished, there's something if not magical then quite wonderful of it. as a different level of light strikes the picture throughout a day, the colours seem to change as one looks as it.

from my side, once again bravo to my (considerably) better half for a triumph of a painting. we trust that the shiny new owner of it loves it as much as we do.

more as and when it happens, dear reader!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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