Monday, August 01, 2016

swallow baiting

good day

one of the few accepted aspects concerning our history - that is to say, our mutual combined past upon this planet - is that there are many facets and aspects that we shall simply never know or comprehend. another such aspect is, look you see, very much accepted. that would be the matter of how coconuts were introduced to England by swallows.

a rather magnificent documentary, released in 1975, gave a most wonderful and comprehensive look at key elements in the life and times of King Arthur. one such element that was in focus was that of how swallows brought coconuts to England, making them something of a staple of our society ever since.

the consequence of the above is that we, as part of the English way of doing things, must from time to time make an offering of coconuts to the very descendants of these swallows, as to show thanks for all that they did for King Arthur and his squad.

yes, dear reader, even i engage in this custom. those of you familiar with my adventures will hardly need telling this, but for all new readers i have had, at best, mixed fortune with coconuts over the years. the most significant incident in this respect was when i once attempted to re-enact the song lyrics of Harry Nilsson by adding lime to the coconut and drinking it all up. you can, if you so wish, read how that one went here.

do we get a good many swallows here to attract or otherwise bait in this way? i am not certain, but i think the answer is no. that could be down to the fact that not nearly anywhere as many people who should pay homage in this way do, but also it could be because the plight of the flight of a swallow is to bring coconuts to us here in England rather more than it is for them to collect them from us. 

up to now, no, alas, i have not seen an increased level of swallows in the garden as  consequence of me placing coconut shells out there to placate them. i have also not been watching all that intently, so who knows they may have been coming along and pecking away as my eyes looked at other things.

should you be in England and reading this, i trust that it has inspired you to place a coconut or two out in the garden. if you live in a non-England place, well, should you have a shortage of swallows right now then you have nothing to lose by trying out the above yourself.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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