Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Stone Roses - Beautiful Thing?

hello there

UPDATE : The Stone Roses release new song Beautiful Thing at midnight, the point between 9th and 10th June 2016....

are we really going to get another new song off of the band during what remains of the day today? no, sorry, if you are here via a google, i do not have any more information than you probably do, look you see.

for those unaware, today was the day that it was revealed that The Stone Roses have copyrighted and registered a song with the relevant bodies that they are required to. this paves the way for radio play and other forms of public performance. the song is, apparently, called Beautiful Thing, and has a running length of some precision of seven minutes.

when i think Stone Roses and think 'Beautiful', at this stage all that comes to mind is......

yes, an album not by The Stone Roses, but featuring 25% of The Stone Roses. the business end, if you like, for it is the bass of Mani that is on it. along with the bass player off of New Order and the bass player off The Smiths. hence the rather clever name of Freebass, of if you prefer Free3ass. with the latter sounding quite rude.

what can i tell you about Freebass? well, as far as my blog goes the above album was one of my top records of 2010, despite the fact that NME disgraced themselves by saying that the record did not exist. other than that, this interesting experiment - and not at all bad album - was somewhat marred by the fact that Mani off of The Stone Roses and Hook off of New Order started referring to each other as, erm, vaginalesque on the eve of the release of the album, something which astonishingly made the record a post-split release by some 12 hours.

the above is the image what is going around and around on all them social media things, in particular that Twerker one what Stephen Fry doesn't do anymore, but i suspect it is also on snapbook too.

nope, no, nothing on the official site yet. i suppose i should have the radio on, but that would mean enduring someone like Annie Mac, or whoever it is that Radio X / XFM has on these days.

so that is very much that at the moment. absolute boss if there is a new record off of them. there's a compelling theory on the go presently, right, that says those of us who have signed up for the one track 7" and CD single of All For One are to be rewarded with a whole album instead. i very much doubt this, but hey ho, what turns up is what turns up.

if by the time you read this there is another Stone Roses song out in the universe, well, what can i say, so much the better. in the mean time, i shall just stick with what is already out, and maybe throw a bit of Freebass on too........

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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