Saturday, June 04, 2016

on blueberry purple

hello there

every now and then, look you see, my (considerably) better half goes on some sort of quest, or if you like mission, or indeed if you like even more a form of jolly crusade. it's not like she has a bonnet in the sense that the saying relates to as such, but if she did, right, she would well and truly have a single bee in it.

at present the quest, and let us call it that for the sake of simplicity, which she is on relates entirely to seeking the perfect shade of blueberry purple. it's something, i would imagine, we can all relate to. here is a gander at her efforts in this respect thus far.....

one of the more interesting aspects of this particular quest has been my (considerably) better half consulting me on the matter, soliciting my opinion and views. this is fascinating, as i have a very "boy" view of colours, which is to say something is either purple or it is some other colour. i mean, bless her cute little socks for thinking i could add anything of intelligence or consequence to her quest, but alas not to be.

as and when the correct shade is struck, or if you like mixed, no doubt her current painty doodles project shall progress and i will, i hope, be able to present the finished item here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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